How do you know if a guy is playing it cool cause he likes you?

versus giving you the brush off? Lovely guy started talking to me in a club on Sat, he talked for ages and got on, he also took it upon himself to speak to my friend about me (she said she thought he really liked me and she is a really cool calm person). Took my number, on Sun he text just asking if am ok etc then nothing. I text on Mon just saying hi how are you feeling today? no reply, AT ALL so come Thursday I sent a lovely text again saying hope all is ok as never heard back etc he came back saying yeah just busy babe how are you, I sent reply saying am good thanks will leave you too it as you are busy. Just wondering if it is genuine "Busy" or if a guy really likes a girl are they ever really too busy to send a text reply? Is he playing hard to get or is that baloney? Just thought if someone really likes you they would be keen to respond to you even if they are too busy to think about getting in touch with you.

Well still nothing, seems like a lot of effort on his behalf on the actual night - for nothing since. But your right, it takes 30 secs to fire off a text message so not to be rude. He is rude and I obviously am not on his mind!


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  • The hard to get rule is baloney. If they start playing games right off the bat and leave you feeling anxious it's a sign of things to come. People should be honest with each other.

    On the other hand maybe he is genuinely busy, but still, he can spare 20 seconds to fire off a reply to your text message, and then call you.

    Don't get involved in the games. Stay honest.