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How do you know if a guy is playing it cool cause he likes you?

versus giving you the brush off? Lovely guy started talking to me in a club on Sat, he talked for ages and got on, he also took it upon himself to... Show More

Well still nothing, seems like a lot of effort on his behalf on the actual night - for nothing since. But your right, it takes 30 secs to fire off a text message so not to be rude. He is rude and I obviously am not on his mind!

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  • The hard to get rule is baloney. If they start playing games right off the bat and leave you feeling anxious it's a sign of things to come. People should be honest with each other.On the other hand maybe he is genuinely busy, but still, he can spare 20 seconds to fire off a reply to your text message, and then call you.Don't get involved in the games. Stay honest.

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  • As guys we have to maintain a careful balance when going after a girl between interest and disinterest. If it looks like a guy is in the bag to a girl, that girl might lose interest because there is no chase left. If it looks like we have absolutely no interest, then you might leave thinking that you didn't attract this one. This results in the 3 day rule, where you don't call a girl for 3 days after getting her number. He may be busy for real, he may be acting, but I will say being to busy to reply to a txt message is a little much. So he may be trying to hard to maintain the balance and pushing it too far towards not interested.

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  • its easy to tell if a guy likes you or not. usually they try to get your attention by doing ether crazy stuff or by trying to be considered cool. but that doesnt mean that I do such stuff. well maybe sometimes I do it but. any way I hope you have gotten a hint from what I have just told you . xx mwah xx

  • mostly its the girls who play haard to get but maybe he does like you? you never know wish you all the best xxxx mwah xxxx

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  • instead of texting why not talk on the phone or ask him if he wants to hang out. I wouldn't wait for the guy to do all the work.he's not trying cause YOU aren't trying.

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