When to stop playing hard to get?

If a girl goes to far in playing games and hard to get with a guy and the guy gives up because he never gets with the girl after all the messing and stops paying her attention will she still be interested , cause I really like this girl sh likes me too but keeps playing


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  • Yeah when girls play hard to get, I don't know they keep intending for the guy to KEEP tagging along until they've got ya. Dnt ask why, girls find it so cute when a guy constantly wants to chase them and tbh we like the testing. But all that goes down the drain when indeed a guy stops chasing hahaha girls end up wanting them even more than they wanted them b4 LOL

    I think the girl hu is playing with ya will feel guilty if you stop playing along lol so if you like her, just keep tagging along until you guys hook up. Bt if she keeps doing this and NEVER approaches and you see her doing it to other guys? CUT HER OFF!


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  • its a PRIDE issue. Shed like to think she wouldn't go down easy. most women are the same. they don't wanna be easy. they want to be respected and in charge lol she's probably seein if your worth the catch. seeing if you'll follow her though the maze. If she's driving you crazy enough to ask this question I would say its working its charm. she probably likesss you but is still decideing about you. that's what I do. string the guy along untill you decide. BUT if you wanted the control. do exactly what you suggested. it would drive me crazzy with wanting you. we always want what we can't have. she probably thinks having you would be too easy. make it harder for her. she likes the chase. so yea slack off a bit and don't take so much interest in her. give it some time. she might be like well EFF YOUU then. if she is wait a while. if she likes you she will come around to wanting you. and you will see.

  • I think a girl should know her limit in playing "Hard to get" cause after a while is just becomes immature and a waste of time. But, if your still into the girl your going to persue her anyways. JUst keep going till you can't take no more, we all have our limitations =)

  • More than likely yes.Although it depends on the girl.most girls if they like a guy don't just stop liking him because he won't talk to them it usually frustrates them a little bit,confuses or annoys but usually doesn't cause an all out give up.why don't you try talking to her?we like when guys open up to us.it shows ur sensitive side and builds trust


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  • well it looks like your still interested in her so

  • Some girls don't know when to stop. They play with your head for 2-3 months then you give up & find someone else and all of a sudden your the asshole. If your not getting anywhere with her go meet someone else. At least then she'll know not to do that to the next guy she meets & saves you a headache..