Guys check out other girls?

Why do girls get so pissed off when guys check out other girls?


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  • Well it's part of a self confidence thing. Girls are extremely competitive .. with each other. So when you are dating some guy and you are in a relationship with them, the rule is, your mine an no one else can have you and you should only have eyes for me. I know some chicks that turn into little green eyed monsters when it comes to getting into a relationship because all of a sudden they feel like they have ownership over their guy or something.

    So when a guy checks out another chick, the girl gets pissed firstly because he should only have eyes for her. And secondly she will get doubly pissed if this girl is better looking that her, cause she is competitive and already made that comparison. And thirdly she might be pissed because she has some rule that if you really liked her or love her or whatever that you should automatically not be attracted to other chicks.

    All chicks prob have some level of this, but you will find that the more attractive ones have an even bigger prob with this, because they base a lot of their self worth by comparing to other people.

    Hopefully that clarified it for you .. or maybe it made you more confused. Sorry can't help it. I am after all ... a chick =)

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  • Hmmm. me and my man check out women all the time. We rate some too. I know that is rude but. it's all fun.

    I admire the beauty of women, so I don't know why a lot of girls get pissed. But based on the answers posted on here so far. It does make a lot of sense. A lot of girls are competitive. And a lot of girls want to think that they are the hottest woman in their man's eyes. But in reality. we all know that isn't true.

    Anyways, I know I didn't really answer your question, but I would like to know how guys feel when their girl checks out other guys?

    My boyfriend has never admitted it, but I can tell he gets pissed when I talk too long to one of his attractive friends, or when I do double take on other men. I don't do it on purpose. but then, I do it to women too, so I don't get it. But. how do guys feel?

    • Interesting thoughts. I kind of agree with the what Irish Girl said - she can look, but I would be very hurt if she decided to get with them. I am a one-woman guy and want to be her only bed partner, as long as we are together, that is.

    • I don't know y girls get mad if we all know that there is a whole world out there full of beautiful woman. I can say I'm not insecure because its a waist of time getting mad over just a look! I mean what do you want them to do close their eyes and not notice the huge boobs or ass we have! I mean till a point were he slobbers all over a girl that's 2 much but besides that I'm fine with a look! I do it 2 and its only common sense 2 look , now girls don't lie and say you don't do it when u c a fine guy!

  • snaiilz said it perfectly. It's genuine female insecurity.and overthinking. We automatically think we're inadequate compared to other girls when you check them out, and get a little upset. It's sort of like a sport between two girls. Whichever one gets the most attention from the guy is the winner (aka the prettiest).

    It sounds ridiculous, but that's pretty much it. Just try not to check out other girls when you're out with someone, and if you're caught looking, come up with something like, "I was just thinking how much prettier your hair is than hers." idk.maybe you could come up with something better lol

  • Cause you chose her, and why would you need to check out another girl? Girls are over dramatic. I do say that. But, we also have insecurities. We want to be your favorite, the one you think is the most beautiful and not have you staring at another girl while you're with us. :) It's understandable right? I'm sure you wouldn't want your woman checking out other guys right in front of you.

  • I believe women feel that if you are checking out another female then you believe she's hotter and then they begin to feel like well if he's looking at another girl who's to say he won't choose another girl. Insecurity is a big factor in many womens genetics. I know so many girls with this problem.

  • cuz we want you to like us and only us. otherwise we don't feel like we're good enough.

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  • Personally, I've been in love with the same woman for 3 years and only have eyes for her, so it doesn't matter how many hot chicks walk past me. She's the only one I want to be in bed with!

  • Its based on a false assumtion. The whole what does she have that I don't mentality. It would be like painting a good painting like the Mona Lisa or something and being p*ssed people also glanced at a picasso while there at the Louvre. You can have the best painting but it doesn't mean its the only one worth looking at. Besides looking is not always sexual ok sometimes it is but sometimes its more like people watching and sometimes a girl just makes you smile. But its not really a threat because that's not a relationship. Most guys aren't gonna drop their prize for an awkward chat with that pretty girl that will lead nowhere. If a guy leaves a girl he's either unhappy or your both unhappy or he has a real character flaw. Its not because he saw a pretty young women out of the corner of his eye at the mall selling perfume and decides to throw it all away. YOu get what I am saying. In all fairness I can get a little uncomfortable about a girlfriend when she seems to be too friendly with a guy or says this and that person is hot almost as teasing testing me. I should get over being uncomfortable. Because ironically the less you fret about it the less its problem. For both men and women being non jealous sends a sub conscious message I am a high value mate and ur lucky lol. But it is human nature to not want to lose what we don't wanna lose so jealousy can be kinda cute sometimes too

  • Probably for the same reason I'd be a bit annoyed if a girl I was in a relationship with was constantly checking out other guys...jealousy and a bit of suspicion of cheating. Nothing wrong with checking someone out, but if probably makes them feel that they aren't enough for you and makes them feel inferior.

  • Hey we are men we like pretty things, so when a hot little blonde walks in the room come on what do you expect us not to look. See now here's what I don't get ok say we take a peek at a hot girl who walks in the room women get all pissy and mad and blah blah blah.

    But when we are sitting down talking to our woman and some dude walks in and what does she say oh man that is guy is hot. Normally the guy will get mad that you said that, but I wouldn't I would look at him and say ummm yeah I guess he's attractive but you know what he's got nothing on me. Us men have to sit through lame ass chick flicks with our gfs drooling over the guy in the movie. How is that right? So if we say something like damn that girl is hot on tv oh man its WWIII but not when you think a guys hot on tv, you get to say that all you want wtf that doesn't make any sense. Yet you get mad when we look at another girl we don't say anything about her we just look at her and you get all kinds of mad what's up with that?

  • it's bad because girls think you're sorta "cheating" on them even though you probably or might not be. its natural for guys to look at beautiful or hot girls, but that doesn't mean the girl they are dating isn't good enough.

    but even with that said, girls still feel a bit jealous and very insecure.

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