Guys check out other girls?

Why do girls get so pissed off when guys check out other girls?


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  • Well it's part of a self confidence thing. Girls are extremely competitive .. with each other. So when you are dating some guy and you are in a relationship with them, the rule is, your mine an no one else can have you and you should only have eyes for me. I know some chicks that turn into little green eyed monsters when it comes to getting into a relationship because all of a sudden they feel like they have ownership over their guy or something.

    So when a guy checks out another chick, the girl gets pissed firstly because he should only have eyes for her. And secondly she will get doubly pissed if this girl is better looking that her, cause she is competitive and already made that comparison. And thirdly she might be pissed because she has some rule that if you really liked her or love her or whatever that you should automatically not be attracted to other chicks.

    All chicks prob have some level of this, but you will find that the more attractive ones have an even bigger prob with this, because they base a lot of their self worth by comparing to other people.

    Hopefully that clarified it for you .. or maybe it made you more confused. Sorry can't help it. I am after all ... a chick =)

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  • Its not insecurity, is not jealousy, is that guy like all things on this planet a dude with a butt and a wig can pass. the more whatever a girl is the more the guy wants to score, a girl could be a beauty like a kardashian, to a guy kardashian ain't gonna cut it,.guys will check other girls out because they want to bang the other chick, sad but true, and that is why girls get pissed the (*#&^) off when a guy is lusting over a girl they could only score in their dreams.

  • guys will check other girls out because they want to bang the other chick, sad but true

  • It's just rude when guys start gawking at other women.If we did that,a guys pride would be hurt no doubt.

  • would you like it if your girlfriend started checking out guys?

  • cuz we girls hav many insecurities and/or feel girls you check out are a threat and personally I like to no that I hav no threats she prob thinks your not as into her and might you might drift away also girls no that wen you find a hotter girl your gunna date her so we wanna stop the problem right where it started

  • i don't lol.. in fact I'm normally the one to check out another girl before my boyfriend can. I'm not gay I just give credit to a girl where credit is due so to speak

  • A lot of girls have many insecurities so when they start talking to a guy they feel special and like because he's with her, regardless of her "defects", the problems must not be so bad. When he starts looking at other girls this theory is completely erased, they feel like he's put up with their "defects" or gone without whatever they're lacking for too long and now they're on to the next girl.

  • because by you checking out other girls makes us feel that we are not enuf to fill ur appetite or your hungry eye so to speak.. we want your full attention just as you wants ours. How would you feel if we were on a date with you but we checked out other men right in front of your face with no consideration for you.. you would not feel so hot about the situation. ctrade places with us for one moment and think about how you would feel about it...

  • Girls get p*ssed off wen guys look at other gurls is because wen ur with a gurl they aspect you to be all theirs. THey want and like your attention. Wen looking at another gurl it feel like they lost it or you rather b with some one way beter instead of them.

  • We get jealous...maybe you'll like them more than us..

  • Because it is disrespectful!

  • WOMEN CHECK OUT OTHER MEN'S BODIES ALL THE TIME! We are more just discrete about it...and not in front of our boyfriends...a MATURE women will appreciate another beautiful woman without hating and get back to whatever she's doing...her sexy man :)

    • What you're saying is FAR worse than a guy casually checkin out another girl in front of you. If, for example, he checks out some girl and really flirts with her, in front of you AND your friends, then yes - that is unkind or inconsiderate or both. but if it's just you and him, and then a room full of strangers, and he casually (not obscenely) looks at some least you can see his behaviour, & confront him about it if you're not happy! doing it behind his back is DISHONEST and DECEITFUL

  • i don't get p*ssed at all hell ill check out that bitch too

  • it has nothing to do wiuth feeling 'disrespected' don't let some of these girls lie to you lol. It is all about a girl feeling insecure, she will think "what does she have that I don't and she will over analyze it. You need to realize that most girls don't think like guys... When a girl checks out a guy she thinks about personality and what he might be like... when a guy checks out girls he *generally* is just thinking wow that's a nice peice of ass. lol

  • i see it as disrespect and if he can't focus on me it peeves me off

  • partially, it's insecurities but also, it's a matter of respect

    if my boyfriend checks out another girl, to me, it's like he doesn't respect our relationship and doesn't value me as his girlfriend. he shouldn't be looking around because he should feel like he has what he wants with me already :)

  • because it makes us feel as though we're not good enough for you.

  • Because we want you to think that we are the most beautiful girl in the world. Checking out other girls makes us insecure.

  • Not all girls do though. I think it's due to insecurity where we feel you will cheat on us regardless any logic. It's basically a "we're afraid to loose you" situation. Not just checking other girls out makes us uncomfortable but talking about how hot or beautiful other girls are also makes us feel insecure because we feel we're no good for our boyfriends. Most girls fear that their boyfriend will change and love somebody else.

    Imagine this, how would you feel if your girlfriend check out other guys in front of you? You'd feel the same thing, right?

    checking out other girls for a few seconds is fine but staring at her for a very long time isn't good. I think personally it's ok because it's part of a human nature and guys enjoy seeing the beauty of nature they sight just as we girls enjoy checking out the cute guys that pass by us. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

  • because we think there's a possibility of cheating and we want to be the hottest thing on earth to you

  • Honestly, because the woman your with wants to feel special and important. She doesn't want to feel threatened. She wants to know that you care about her. When a guy checks out another woman it's like he's saying "she's of interest". Which in turn says to the woman he's with that "she's obviously more interesting to take his attention away from me". Does that make sense?

  • "Grass is always greener on the other side" - typical thing guys do is checking other girls

    out even being with girlfriend because they aren't ready to be only with one girl and constantly

    looking if there's someone better. That makes us, girls, feel like we aren't appreciated but

    guys love with their eyes and it can't be helped XD

  • Because, girls get jealous and it makes them think you would rather date the girl your looking at, it may also mean that you are thinking about sex with them and your girlfriend.

  • Because. it's so rude. and most girls get jealous. I'm not saying all girls want to be checked out everyday but would rather you check us out than who ever you did check out. it annoys me to no end. but it really shouldnt matter unless you have a girl friend,

  • Because it makes us feel like we might not be hot enough for you. We want to be all that you want.

  • cuz we want you to like us and only us. otherwise we don't feel like we're good enough.

  • I won't get mad just as long as he doens't bitch-out when I check out a hot guy :)

    No double standards.

  • well I do get mad and I say, "what you like her better"

    besides I'm good enough for him to only look at me..

    no but really look at her once, OKAY..

    look at her twice, there's going to be problems!

  • personally, I am usually checking before him, but when I get upset about it it is not because he is checking other chicks out, where all human. it just bothers me when it has been quite sometime since he told me I looked hot for example or checked me out.

  • Honestly it really depends on the girl and what your relationship it like... your girl may never look at other guys not because she choses not to look but because she no other guy can grab her attention like you can... then she sees you checking out other girls and wonders why you don't only have eyes for her because her eyes are only for you..

    try to be descret about it...

    this may sound bad, but it will make your girl feel so much better... if she catches you looking at some, say, "Did you see that nose, it washuge"...ectr... so that she can feel good and that you were not lokking at her like "damn tgat girl is hot"(even if you were)

    get it out in the open that you both are still attracted to the oppiste sex(because everyone is, relationship or not) talk about what movie stars you guy find attractive... so that she becomes more comfortable with the idea... then explain to her how you fell about her.. tell her what you think is beautiful about her.ex"you have beautiful eyes and a verry sexy body" this will make her fell that you still have the hots for her... try to give her a complement on how she looks everyday that you see her. make sure that she knows that she could not be replaced by any girl in the world even if it was a supermodle because only she could catch you eye the way the she does... then her getting mad about you checking out other girls will eventually go away..

    I reallly hopeo that you try this and that everything works out! <3

  • i just ask him what he thought of her, and tell him what I liked about her. People check out people all the time.

  • because to us its like secretly saying we are not as hot as them or not as attractive. If girls checked out other guys while our boyfriends were or were not with us and they saw or found out... it would hurt your pride and you would be pissed. Its the same for us to us its like your saying they're better than you or I wish you looked like that.

  • It depends on the situation: If you can't remember what the girl was saying while you were checking out the other girl, then yeah, she would get pissed. As long as you don't say, "Wow, she's so hot," then it really shouldn't be that big of a deal.

  • Many women are insecure, we compete in a society that is surrounded by beautiful women that don't look like everyday women, we also get cheated on a lot. some women are more jealous (insecure) than others, but its the way it is done that can be completely damaging, lots of guys look at these women like a dog that is panting, yet you guys don't look at your girlfriend that way, something to think about.

  • Women are generally insecure and we overanalyze things. When you look at another girl we will think bad things about ourselves. It makes women feel inadequate.

  • OK so girls definitly check out guys too right? But my favorite saying is men are dumb and women are evil. Bottom line we all look men are just dumb enough to be obvious about it or actually think it is appropriate.

  • I wouldn't get pissed off if my guy does it, I would probably laugh, but I know I would never look at another guy and I hope he is too captured by me to do so as well.

  • long story short.::: basically because if its the guy you like, it makes the girl feel pretty stupid. I feel weird for saying that but its true. Girls compare themselves to the other girl and we get jealous. Then we feel ugly and even more insecure with ourselves and it brings out self-esteem down

    • I do the same with other guy but that why I hav low self-a-steam =/

  • SOO many people take such a demeaning standpoint towards women!

    The person commenting didn't say the girl was a girlfriend. Everybody keeps assuming this. also, maybe it's NOT a girls self-esteem thing. but just that a guy is preoccupied and has his attention on somebody ELSE irritates her and makes holding a conversation harder when the guy is distracted! both people don't know the girl he is checking out except by looks ALONE, so It's hard to compete with an IMAGE. and that's all it is since both people don't know the person the guy is staring at. a fantasy. Maybe not everybody likes to compete with something they don't know. if this even is a competition. Know your enemy?

  • Well, you could say jealousy. But on a deeper level, it excludes the girl you are with. If you turned it into a game and said "who do you think is better looking, that girl or that girl?" And did the same with two guys, I think 50% of girls would be game. But when you are checking somebody else out it makes them wonder if that girl is better looking.and I know personally my need for honesty outrates my need for approval. by like one percent. I need 51 percent honesty 49 percept approval. So while I'd be relieved you told me the truth (yeah, she's slightly hotter, for example, if that was the truth in your eyes) I would never forget you said that, and have a hard time forgetting it. A catch 22. If you just joked your way out of the answer, though, that would be good. It also depends how well this "girl" and you know each other. Are you dating? Are you married? Are you just FRIENDS? Are you friends but the girl has a crush on you? ETC. An overly simplistic question.

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  • Because they are insecure. They don't want the guy seeing something he likes better and leaving them.

  • Probably for the same reason I'd be a bit annoyed if a girl I was in a relationship with was constantly checking out other guys...jealousy and a bit of suspicion of cheating. Nothing wrong with checking someone out, but if probably makes them feel that they aren't enough for you and makes them feel inferior.

  • Picture the opposite. Yeah, that's why.

  • Its based on a false assumtion. The whole what does she have that I don't mentality. It would be like painting a good painting like the Mona Lisa or something and being p*ssed people also glanced at a picasso while there at the Louvre. You can have the best painting but it doesn't mean its the only one worth looking at. Besides looking is not always sexual ok sometimes it is but sometimes its more like people watching and sometimes a girl just makes you smile. But its not really a threat because that's not a relationship. Most guys aren't gonna drop their prize for an awkward chat with that pretty girl that will lead nowhere. If a guy leaves a girl he's either unhappy or your both unhappy or he has a real character flaw. Its not because he saw a pretty young women out of the corner of his eye at the mall selling perfume and decides to throw it all away. YOu get what I am saying. In all fairness I can get a little uncomfortable about a girlfriend when she seems to be too friendly with a guy or says this and that person is hot almost as teasing testing me. I should get over being uncomfortable. Because ironically the less you fret about it the less its problem. For both men and women being non jealous sends a sub conscious message I am a high value mate and ur lucky lol. But it is human nature to not want to lose what we don't wanna lose so jealousy can be kinda cute sometimes too

  • Because it's rude and offensive to the girl your currently dating and/or your wife.

  • cuz its makes them think you don't care about them or want something better, its supposted to be about the girl your with. I've been caught before (by my ex) she didn't talk to me about it or anything I used a good playoff answer. we were driving back to her apartment and I saw a cute girl walking and I turned my torso to crack my back and she said how come you looked back @ her and I said I was just cracking my back

  • do they? I do it alot.

  • Hey we are men we like pretty things, so when a hot little blonde walks in the room come on what do you expect us not to look. See now here's what I don't get ok say we take a peek at a hot girl who walks in the room women get all pissy and mad and blah blah blah.

    But when we are sitting down talking to our woman and some dude walks in and what does she say oh man that is guy is hot. Normally the guy will get mad that you said that, but I wouldn't I would look at him and say ummm yeah I guess he's attractive but you know what he's got nothing on me. Us men have to sit through lame ass chick flicks with our gfs drooling over the guy in the movie. How is that right? So if we say something like damn that girl is hot on tv oh man its WWIII but not when you think a guys hot on tv, you get to say that all you want wtf that doesn't make any sense. Yet you get mad when we look at another girl we don't say anything about her we just look at her and you get all kinds of mad what's up with that?

    • So what fight fire with fire? lol both are in the wrong if they do that!

  • well

    sometimes guys are

    just trying to compare

    their girl to other girl

    like ooo my girl got

    a bigger butt than hers

  • cuz there pissed that your not checking THEM out

  • Coz she would feel insecure about it and compare herself to the girl you're eyeing up and say "Why aren't I like her?"

    If you're gonna do it - Do it discretely or by yourself.

  • they dont, as long as they know for a fact that theyre the most important one in your life. just don't treat any girl better than her and it shouldnt be too much of an issue as long as you're not drooling over every girl you see

  • It makes them feel as if they have dropped a few levels in your eyes. When you are with your woman, you are supposed to be concentrating on her. She wants to feel security in knowing that no other woman can easily grab your attention. This is what my sisters told me. There is even a song by Nicole Wray called "Eyes Better Not Wander" on this subject. She explains exactly how she feels about it.

  • haha I'm in the same f***ing deal

    my girlfriend is highly pissed that I looked at another girl

    its human nature it really is and like I don't know what to do

    because in somecases it is because she makes me feel like shit

    but whenever I bring that up she flips on me about the whole checking out thing and I she doesn't see what I'm saying like f*** am I supposed to do about this?

    anyone got anything?

    • I would think about why you feel like looking at other women in the first place. Its not always himan nature. I think we as a human race have trained ourselves to think its okay to look because its how men are but really its better when you don't look because then she doesn't feel insecure or like she's not the most important thing to you. So why not just try not looking and see if that changes her perspective? I'm not scolding just suggesting...:)

    • Just don't get caught, simple as that.

  • this is pretty stupid question my dude

    how would you feel if ur girl licked her lips if she saw anutha dude? same shit thurr you go

  • Because your behavior is making them feel jealous or insecure about their relationship with you.

  • O come the heck on, that's about as obvious as a nuclear fireworks show during a "time of peace", to a female that is about as bad as if not as bad as them walking up to and saying, yea you should work out to get rid of your man boobs, tone your stomache so I don't have to look at your disgusting flap anymore, umm take some male enhancment pills because your not big enough down there and ya know what, change your hair color I don't like it anymore. seriously not just females but males too want to feel special and loved and accepted and all of that good stuff, so if/when you're doing something to make them feel like they aren't special but other girls around them are, and doing it right in their face you are insulting and disrespecting them, hope this answers your question. so yea pretty much what all the girls are saying, you wouldn't like her looking for a new boyfriend while she's still with you, would you?

  • bro it shouldnt matter you no we shouldnt check out other's but it happens

  • Mine would kill me if she catchs me checking other girls out. It can got annoying!

  • Evidently it wouldn't bother you if your girl was checking some other guy out then.

  • I think that sometimes guys do it purposely to see what kind of reaction they will get out of the girl they are with. Like, they might think that if she gets jealous that it means she's still attracted to him. I try not to play those stupid games, but I have caught myself doing it once in a while in the past in order to find out if my girl is still hot for me. Sounds silly and stupid, but I admit it!

  • it's sad how insecure girls are nowadays. It is the same as admiring a piece of art hanging in a museum. It's not like guys look at these girls and contemplate leaving their woman.and don't give me that crap about how women never look at guys. Its a lie. You just think that when your man looks he is planning on cheating. Frankly it doesn't bother me when my girlfriend checks out a guy.because I know that she's just admiring the view but at the end of the day I'm the one she loves.

    • Actually some have sort of said that girls don't look at guys. "How would you feel if we did it, blah blah" That's pretty similar. Most guys just look, too... the grand majority don't chase the girls down.

    • Girls do look at guys and no one said they didn't--my hubby and I both look at girls too--but we do it respectfully--some guys practically chase a girl down, which leaves the impression they are not happy about who they are with. There is a difference between oogling art and appreciating it...

  • Well my ex checked out other guys and commented on how fine they were.

    So I did the same with other girls to return the favor. Neither of us really had a problem with it because at the end of the day we were looking and not touching.

    I understand that most girls are not this open-minded though. Neither are most guys. It takes a lot of self-esteem to have this not bother you so I expect it's rare.

  • it's bad because girls think you're sorta "cheating" on them even though you probably or might not be. its natural for guys to look at beautiful or hot girls, but that doesn't mean the girl they are dating isn't good enough.

    but even with that said, girls still feel a bit jealous and very insecure.

  • Personally, I've been in love with the same woman for 3 years and only have eyes for her, so it doesn't matter how many hot chicks walk past me. She's the only one I want to be in bed with!

    • Thanks!

    • Thats awesome as. *high-fives*

    • Ha ha - thanks! :)

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  • My girl is pregnant and she looks at guys what do I do

    • Are you for real?

  • And here we go with another of many double standards.

    This is where it helps to have a bisexual girlfriend.

    And women can't say they don't check out other guys while with their boyfriends.

    Like I say yet another double standard.

    • Agreed with A-R-Norman... girls do look at other guys, maybe when their boyfriends are around, nobody denies that. But they don't do it in a drool-y way, you know, well some do but it's a minority and probably not the kind of girl who makes a great girlfirend anyway. But it's guys that check out other girls and sometimes even make lewd comments about them to their girlfriends, THOSE are the ones that piss us off. If you're discreet we'll probably won't notice, so it's all good.

    • Question--if your girl checked out another guy--and did it obviously, was like "Damn look at that hunk of man meat--I bet he can swing it in the sack" You wouldn't get mad--if women do look, at least it is discreet--out of respect.