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Is handsome a compliment?

I was just wondering because I've always been called handsome and never anything else and always hated. to me it was always just something you call... Show More

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  • handsome is good looking (:

    haha its a good thing when girls call you handsome. that means your really reallly cute, which you kinda are (;

    so be proud to be called that, because most guys don't get that kinda compliment.


What Girls Said 4

  • Ive always used Handsome as a complement... Means good looking or attractive.

    • When you say attractive do mean physical, personality or both. some times guys use cute to describe personalty or a good cobination of both. do girls use handsome the way?

    • Usually its physical attractiveness or a combination. I wouldn't use it to describe a personality.

    • I typed that wrong, I meant good looks or a combination of both

  • handsome: good looking

  • it most definitely is a compliment. I for one, hate using the word hot, I think it's overrated and overused. I would call a guy handsome

What Guys Said 3

  • Yes, I always take that as a compliment and believe it should be. It's basically the male equivalent to "pretty" for a female.

    • Does matter age the person is that is calling you handsome and do you get handsome by girls under 28. I was wondering because I am 21 and have never got that from a girl my own age my entire life

    • Although I have always avoided girls and there for never had many chances to called handsome or rated in any way

    • No, the age doesn't make any difference. Though I don't get quite as flattered when she's in her 70's :P

  • I've always been called handsome by close family and friends, so I guess you could consider them biased.

    I guess it depends. If a girl really likes you, and she says you are handsome/cute/gorgeous/adorable, it doesn't matter whether it is true or not (also remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder), the fact that she cares about you enough to complement you on your looks should be more then sufficient for you. If you consider yourself unnatractive, you don't get called handsome by family and friends, but your girlfriend/boyfriend constantly complements you on your looks, that's when you truly know what a special person you have, because you know they are seeing past your looks, and truly love you for you. ;)

    • Nice answer although it doesn't answer the question very well

    • Yeah sorry, bit of an 'indirect answer'. Essentially, yes handsome is definitely a compliment! xD

    • Im 21 and I use handsome when I truly believe that they are handsome.

  • handsome is something a mom or grandma would say. unless you're called that when you're all dressed up then that's okay. but for our age I think only being called cute/hot works for us.

    • Yeah I agree, but even dressed up I still don't like. you are right though there is difference

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