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How to get over not being cared about?

Someone who just doesn't care about you, doesn't value you enough to even maintain contact and/or friendship with you? You thought you had... Show More

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  • That sounded like some poem.loland it made me sad! This just happened to me...Guy I was talking to, well not "talking" but we were most def more than friends...At first he seemed to into me.We had so much in common...He told me, "gahhhhh I am SO into you"we had the best timesthen it stopped.and he honestly just didn't careand it hurtslike I'm sure it hurts for younoone likes to be rejected, especially by someone you kinda cared about, even if it was a little bitThe feeling sucks. but its all mental. You have to literally talk yourself out of itacknowledge the fact in your head, that she doesn't want you for what ever reasondo not hold on to false hope that maybe yall will work out or be friendsmost likely yall wontand accept it.You are an important person. with a lot to offer. and you should be damned to waste your time thinking, groveling, moping over some girl that can't even return a call.all anyone can say is don't dwell, stay busy, you are better than to be treated like that, and get over it.

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  • Well if someone doesn't care about you then how could they possibly have loved you or be friends with you?! In a nut shell, life is full of people who either care or don't or hover which ever way the wind blows. I would not bother with someone who didn't care about me, as this lends to the whole thing being imbalanced. So you are best getting on with your life and it is her loss.Join some clubs, groups, meet new people or go out with friends who do care about you. Just keep occupied and in time you will move on and meet nicer people who deserve your friendship and they will care for you as you do them/

    • See, it's the fact that I THOUGHT we were friends, at the very least, but, I dunno, it just saddens me that she could let go of me so easily...I just don't understand.

  • i understand what you're going through I just ended a long distance relationship because when my boyfriend and I were together, it was all happy, everything just seemed right, but then when we were apart we'd be talking constantly and continuously...and then it would start to fade..just like he didn't care to talk to me anymore. then I found that he had cheated on me. & it did me in. I was so upset I broke up with him...its been a little over week and I had been doubting my decision. I love him. I truly do. but...i apparently love him more, he didn't even seem to care that a broke up with him, none the less cared when I wanted to try and fix things. the feeling completely sucks, I don't think I will ever be over him and he just doesn't care. I've learned to tell myself that I'll find someone new who DOES care, and so will YOU. it just takes some time but please have faith. you'll find someone eventually worth your time who does care and is truly happy with you.

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