How to get over not being cared about?

Someone who just doesn't care about you, doesn't value you enough to even maintain contact and/or friendship with you? You thought you had something--you definitely weren't just a stranger. And every time she should be reminded of you, you think you'll be hearing from her, but the moment passes, never to be recaptured again.


Most Helpful Girl

  • That sounded like some poem.


    and it made me sad! This just happened to me...

    Guy I was talking to, well not "talking" but we were most def more than friends...

    At first he seemed to into me.

    We had so much in common...

    He told me, "gahhhhh I am SO into you"

    we had the best times

    then it stopped.

    and he honestly just didn't care

    and it hurts

    like I'm sure it hurts for you

    noone likes to be rejected, especially by someone you kinda cared about, even if it was a little bit

    The feeling sucks. but its all mental. You have to literally talk yourself out of it

    acknowledge the fact in your head, that she doesn't want you for what ever reason

    do not hold on to false hope that maybe yall will work out or be friends

    most likely yall wont

    and accept it.

    You are an important person. with a lot to offer.

    and you should be damned to waste your time thinking, groveling, moping over some girl that can't even return a call.

    all anyone can say is don't dwell, stay busy, you are better than to be treated like that, and get over it.