Why do guys ignore girls?

Why do guys ignore girls? Does that mean they are taken or not interested? When he talks to everyone else but ignores one girl? Why, is he gay or just shy?


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  • Or it could mean he does like you and he just doesn't know what to say. He could be shy.

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  • Lol, no matter what...taken or single...he will notice a girl, but your situation is most likely shyness.

  • He's either shy or he doesn't like the girl. Gay guys won't ignore girls, they'll befriend them.

  • guys don't ignore girls .. they just don't want the girl to know he likes her cause guys know girls don't like being followed around and stalked or whatever ... that's one of the reasons why I don't ask girls out ... girls never want anyone ... girls always mind their own buisness and don't care about guys ... I think girls are really the ones who have to ask guys out on dates ... girls that want guys are very rare.

  • He may just feel that you are someone he doesn't want to get involved with as a friend or otherwise. The easiest way to avoid a bad relationship, friendship/dating/anything is to not let it start.

  • A lot of the time guys will ignore girls because they are playing hard to get. What I mean by this is that if you know the guy and you have been flirting with him, sometimes the guy will show that he is not very interested because he wants to know how much this girl actually likes him, or how hard she is willing to go for him. A lot of the time it is a trust issue.

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  • It could be that he doesn't like you and thinks that you like him, so he wants to avoid you. It could be that he likes you and either doesn't want anyone to find out or doesn't want to look stupid.

    I wish I knew the answer, since I'm in a situation like that.

  • Gee!, I have the same situation but my guy I have a crush on always says hi to me like 80 billion times every day by his bus and walks in front of me like show-off-like,(I'm in high school)but then ignores me every place else especially in front of his friends. And he's the most popular guy in school and I'm a geek but not stereo typical type. (I'm just classified that because all the girls hate me and their not that pretty from my prospective and my friends perspectives, and because their boyfriends like me. Also mostly every one says I'm gorgeous and beautiful I certainly don't think that I'm any thing to write home about because all the girls say "what's so great about her she's shit ugly!".But that's not the point.)yeah, so I just think that the girls are jealous of me because they all say "Connor will never go out with Betina she's so weird and ugly!" I also think my crush Connor is just in denial of liking me and is shy. That's my view of it all in all. I have a Cinderella story unfolding probably into some thing great or bad. I just have to see.