Do guys have butterflies in there stomach when they see their crush or girlfriend?

i need to know also...=}


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  • It depends...

    I definitely have in the past with particular girls.

    The things that give me the most butterflies are approaching a girl for the first time, and calling her. Especially calling! That always gives me the worst butterflies. Sometimes it's so bad, I have to literally lie down, calm myself, and wait for an hour before I can pick up the phone. I really don't like calling...and that's probably just my issue...because I even have trouble calling friends of mine.

    When I'm physically talking to the girl, after being introduced, I usually don't notice any butterflies...except for some girls...especially if the girl is awkwardly silent or mumbles and I can't hear what she's saying.


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  • Yep. I've had that for sure.

  • Yes just about everytime

  • I get butterflies in my stomach every time I think about my girlfriend, let alone whenever I see her

  • Yea. My heart stops if I am attracted to a girl's character not just her looks. My hands get all wet with sweat, I start talking like an idiot if I can talk at all. lol. How is it for girls?

    • Well when I see my crush my heart stop too and I can't keep I eyes off him

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