She started to ignore me all of sudden, should I do the same?

There is a girl that seems interested but she started to ignore me all of sudden, should I do the same like she does?


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  • Nope, she's just passed the stage of "Hey, he's caught my eye, he's cute..." to FULL BLOWN CRUSH and she doesn't know what to do around you so she's freezing up. Strange as it seems, it's natural and human nature. She doesn't want you to see through her but she still wants you to pay attention to her!

    That is, if everything was going okay, she was single and didn't say anything rude to you before she started ignoring you!

    DO NOT TEASE HER! It will clam her up more and make her afraid of you. Start out with a simple question. "Hey did you see that crazy wreck on the way in to work/class?" or "So and so seems really angry today. Watch out for them. Do you know what might have happened?" Give her something easy to answer and ask you simple questions about back. (Even the most frightened girl can give a one word answer and at least look expectant, hoping you'll respond!) Try not to ask her too many direct questions about herself. She's feeling too self-conscious at the moment and even a question about where she got her new purse will have her staring at you like a deer in the headlights as if she did something wrong and then she'll mentally disect the question & her answer for the next couple days until she's SURE you don't like her and she'll vow to not embarrass herself and will ignore you even more.

    As hard as it is, try not to let her shyness-driven ignoring bother you until she makes it CLEAR she wants you to leave her alone. This is where the majority of confusion comes from I think. You guys don't realize when we get to the level of developing a crush on you we suddenly tense up and go quiet when you're near. You'll know this is true if she seems to be fine with her friends, you hear of her saying hilarious things & joking around but she's a completely different person as soon as you appear. This is a GOOD SIGN! It also means she's shy deep down so be extra kind towards her. A gentle tone and kind expression that tells her you won't think anything she says is stupid will go a long way. :)

    • My crush got silent when I said whatever when she was hot on anther guy and said bye. Truthfully the whole place went silent and cold. But she lead me on. She was so love sick I fell in love. True I got tired and talked to others girls. But now what? I don't even exsist.

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  • Don't start ignoring her back! Like its been said before, it is sort of a test.

    A lot of girls (including me), for whatever reason, think "if I start ignoring a guy I like, if he really likes me back he will go out of his way to talk to me more."

    Maybe its just a thing we do to protect ourselves for getting hurt.

    Because, if the guy doesn't approach you while your "playing hard to get" then in our head it must mean- he was never interested in the first place, and we saved our self from embarrassing rejection.

  • I don't know that's hard. I've been through a similar situation with a guy and then it kinda went no where because he seemed interested but started ignoring me, then I started ignoring him because I figured I'd play his game... and then we stopped talking completely... so in my opinion I'd try to talk to her about it and if your interested in her... Tell her.

  • I'd say move on. Ignore her if you want, or go up to her and talk to her about it.

  • stay away from games and just confront her or be friendly...maybe she thought you're not interested so now she's giving you the cold could be a just have to show interest too if you like her...

    definitely don't ignore her back...itll get you nowhere and games are just useless.

  • Absolutely Not ! She probably is testing you.. If you were sure that she liked you and was interested in you, than she wouldn't all of the sudden and out of the bleu change her mind

    (unless you did something wrong!)... Many girls (including Myself) prefer to test the guy before committing to him or even before going on a date with him... So she's probably playing hard to get and trying to see how far are you really willing to go for her... A lot of girls like the idea of being chased after and like to get the guy's attention and care... So keep shouwing her how interested you are in her... Eventually she will realize that you truly care about her ! :)

    • girls like you its done before it even gets started... 1. i have a fun life...2. i am very busy with my work and friends... 3. i don't have time for game and go to the next one that i like.

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  • I think games are a waste of time. So it's best to approach her. You got to be a detective so when you first talk to her observe her body language, see if she perks up, smiles, eyes widen, and turns her body towards you instead of her back turned to you, feel her energy, if she is warm with you or cold. Don't tell her that you like her but invite her to go out somewhere you both can get to know each other ( coffee shop, bookstore, park etc.). Stay away from the movies or any activities that keep you from verbal interaction. Usually the man initiates so take control of the situation. Listen to her and get a feel to see if she is the woman for you, if she is your type. Of course your attracted to her and if she is attracted to you then she will agree to go out with you. If she does not want to go out and closes other options to go out with you than I would suggest move on. If she likes you she will go out of her way to make things work. I hope this helps. I would like to know what happens.

  • Yes, then see if she notices and if she likes you she will wonder why you are ignoring her.

  • My case is : We are freshmans in University and she is from my group. At the begging i really didn't though i could have like this girl, but with time i really started liking her. And everything was so good we talked all the time she even said that we have a lot in common, we laught together all the time and then suddenly she started ignoring me and i believe i didn't do anything wrong. The last day before she started ignoring me i even walked her to her home and i think i made a mistake. I said that i have work in her direction so i can walk her home. And after that day this ingorance started :( I am really bad at this i tried to show her i like her without really saying it, couse i am bad at this flirting, dating etc. I am a bit shy to tell her directly " i like you ". One more think she said i am the male version of her which i think ment we will be very good friends but nothing more, but then why she started ignoring me :(
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