Girlfriend doesn't seem to care?

I feel like my girlfriend doesn't put me first like how I put her. She says I'm everything but she doesn't make me feel like it. I feel like I deserve better because I'm so good to her, I would die for her. But it feels like she knows I'm there so she doesn't care. She says one thing and does the other. It hurts so bad. Do you think I'm just being silly?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I've had a Girlfriend for a month and I really would do anything for her and I want to be with her all the time. Whenever I'm with her at school it's as if she ignores me and doesn't care at all and she laughs at everyone else even though often their jokes are pretty stupid and rarely funny, I don't even know how to talk to her anymore I feel like everything I say is wrong and she only cares about herself. She's told me probably three times after I've been admittedly sad that "she's with me". But who really cares if she doesn't show it or we don't really talk about anything other than small talk. I joke with her friends whom I just met and for example at the lunch table today I had the whole table laughing except for her. It's f***ing awful. I've always felt like I'm really caring and good to girls and nice and funny. She just makes me feel awful about myself and all I want to do is nothing or just get away. I don't deserve this sh*t but I want the real her so bad. If this continues for a while I think I'm going to dump her.