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Girlfriend doesn't seem to care?

I feel like my girlfriend doesn't put me first like how I put her. She says I'm everything but she doesn't make me feel like it. I feel like I... Show More

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  • I've had a Girlfriend for a month and I really would do anything for her and I want to be with her all the time. Whenever I'm with her at school it's as if she ignores me and doesn't care at all and she laughs at everyone else even though often their jokes are pretty stupid and rarely funny, I don't even know how to talk to her anymore I feel like everything I say is wrong and she only cares about herself. She's told me probably three times after I've been admittedly sad that "she's with me". But who really cares if she doesn't show it or we don't really talk about anything other than small talk. I joke with her friends whom I just met and for example at the lunch table today I had the whole table laughing except for her. It's f***ing awful. I've always felt like I'm really caring and good to girls and nice and funny. She just makes me feel awful about myself and all I want to do is nothing or just get away. I don't deserve this sh*t but I want the real her so bad. If this continues for a while I think I'm going to dump her.

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  • If she does say you are everything, then that must mean you are. Maybe she is not showing her love to you for a reason. You need to talk to her about it. It's not easy for many girls to show the person they care about the most that they do actually care. I am also like this. For me it's really hard to let out my feelings. I'm sure it's because I wouldn't want to open up to someone I'm not sure that truly loves me. She probably isn't convinced about how you feel. So she is holding back.

  • You just need to sit her down and tell her how you feel. Tell her look if you say you want to be with me and you love me then you need to show me that. If not, then you don't feel like we are the perfect match. Remind her that you put her first before everything and she seems like she doesn't want you first in her life.

What Guys Said 5

  • If you want her to care for u, then stop caring for her, or at least stop showing that you care for her at times. She'll miss the affection, and start to return the affection in order to get it in return. When she does this, you can then reward her with some of your own. That's how you can make her show how much she cares.

  • This problem is a life long struggle. Do not get ur hands dirty? Cause they turn on you. I dont know when this was posted, but hold on to ur pureness? A number of problems can happen by putting a woman on the spot. The truth also hurts. Remember top notch rules? You are only one of many she will oddly brush off. Women say they dont know, when they are only 1 move ahead. Next time. Make the woman stand out in a good way? So they can talk about it. Other than that. Ladies are dogs just as guys are. The only cure is to be bigger than a two way street. It gets lonely sometimes, and ur happiness will vanish. Like a drought on the nature channel. At times like that. You will be fine only if you have no regrets.

  • Nope. I feel the same way about this girl I am dating. It seems the only way that she shows any emotion is if I say I am leaving or don't call for a couple of days. I am seriously thinking about getting out of it. I am giving her some time to ponder my ultimatums that I have laid out for her about what I need out of a relationship and must have.

    • I like so agree with you man. I've been dating this girl for 7 weeks and she doesn't even talk to me. I mean she'll talk to me about this guy I want to fight over her, and that's about it. I don't get it!!! if I keep getting this same sh*t I'm gonna dump her and find someone who will at least talk to me.....

  • well i should let go of her now. I'm in a relationship for 6 months now and I have come to realize that my gf is very hypocrite. Like i can't talk to any girl even if they are just friends but she does talks to her guy friends often. It's just fucking unbelievable.

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