How much does a middle class (in the US) person make each month?

and how much do you think a upper middle class person make each month?

thanx for all the ans.


if its yearly then we might be in the Upper middle class[1] (15%) of William Thompson

it's yearly right?


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  • $25,000 -$100,000 a year. Which is 12-48 dollars an hour.

    • Oops didn't see you said upper middle class. Upper is 60,000+ So about 5,000

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    • $100,000 in my area,for the legal american citizens,is around average....I didn't think that is rich.It's barely "making it" here.

    • I live in California We get te highest tax, gas prces, etc. My family, myself inclued make around $17,000 a year and we can surive off of that

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  • My dad makes a little over a $100K a year. If you narrow it down to months, he makes roughly $9K a month plus perks. Its technically more than that since he doesn't even work from mid fall to early spring. I guess that's upper middle class, right?

  • I make $1,200ish a week after taxes and 401k contribution.. so.. $5,200?


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  • I checked a few websites and they all seemed fairly consistent in saying that middle class has an annual salary of about 35,000 to 65,000 and upper middle class is six figures

  • Middle class is generally by household income(whether married or single or whatever).

    It does depend on where you live.Where I live,I'm upper Middle class,where as if I lived in New york I wouldn't be considered such.

    It's generally thought to be $100,000 or more(household income).