Guys are you fed up of stuck up women?


Do you find there is this trend these days of women being so stuck up ?

Do you find that just because they have somewhat of an attractive body they act like they are all that ?

Whats the deal ? Is this my imagination ? Or are there really a lot of stuck up women?

Personally, I feel that there is a increasing trend of stuck up women and I am fed up.


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  • Oh yeah, way too many. And for no reason either.

    Growing up my father always reminded me that there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance and when you cross it you often times don't even know it, which is why you have to listen to your friends when they put you in check.

    I have said it before and I will say it again; the worst, most unattractive, obnoxious of all is the self proclaimed "divas" and "princesses". The only way to deal with these women is to completely ignore them. Don't try to tell them anything especially about their behavior it will only fuel their attitude. I mean completely ignore them, and I mean everyone ignore them. Act as if they are not even there and hopefully they will either find some humility or simply just go away knowing that no one wants to be around them. They seem to exist in this dream world where somehow being in their company is a privilege that they are bestowing upon people. Hopefully they will realize that others don't see it as a privilege but a plague.

    On this note I propose a new acronym DwD - "Down with Divas"

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      Hey!! That's not very nice. Kidding, I've got diva in my screen name but it's a joke. The irony of Haggard and Diva together. I don't at all consider myself a diva.

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      LOL...WOW,...ROUND of APPLAUSE!...couldn't have said it better myself period