Is my girlfriend tired of me?

When we're on dates she likes to text other people. She invites people along on them or if sometimes they can't go she just cancels. I look at her when she's not around me and she's as happy as she wants but when she's with me its like just make this guy go away. She doesn't show any public affection. When I hug her she doesn't hug me back she just stands there. She tells me she loves me over texts but I don't believe her.i mean if she did she would tell me not text it. She doesn't respond to my texts or calls its at the point where we don't text at all unless she wants something. When we're together she doesn't talk or even look at me as much any more. I'm pretty sure she likes another guy but I don't know if she does. It just seems that way.i think I was her last choice.its like she's with me but she's so far away.She avoids me and doesn't wanna sit anywhere near me unless there's no where else to sit. She'd rather hang around her new guy friend.

This whole thing has put me through a lot of emotional stress and pain. We've been together for about 8 months,but been spending time like we were together before then. I took a few weeks to get my priorities straight and I realized she the most important person in my life and I I love her but I don't know if I do this anymore.

I just need help on what I should do with her or say to her cause I don't know what to do with her anymore. I'm so confused on what she wants from me. I think she's just tired of me period.

If it helps she was always kind of shy.