How can I hit him where it hurts??

Ok Here It Goes.I dated this guy for four years. We broke up two years ago. For a whole year and a half we didn't see each other. Just this march We started talking more. Like once a week and then we began having sex.

It feel like he's stringing me along. He calls only for sex and gets upset when he finds out I'm dating again. He's dating himself and I just saw a couple pictures of him and his new girlfriend. He's playing both of us. Just 3 days ago he called that he wanted to have sex with me again. How do I get back at him? LIke make him feel used like he makes me feel? I feel bad for the girl because she has no clue and its not her fault he's a dog what do I do?


Most Helpful Girl

  • How can you hit him where it hurts ? Easy stop having sex with him I'm no guy , but I'm almost certain that would hurt especially since it seems he has gotten accustomed to it. Problem is that when you stopped dating this guy you should have COMPLETELY left him in your past , but you didn't and we all make mistakes, but instead of repeating them over again just learn and let go. There's no telling if this guy will be ''hurt '' by you walking away because he seems to have other options , but you can still walk away with your self respect. Forget him there's no greater gift then DIGNITY don't let your PRIDE tell you otherwise.