Why do some white girls only date black guys?

The other day I tried to ask this girl out and she says I only date black guys. I'm not against interracial dating but dating only black guys? As I did some research I realized that this is starting to become common. So what is it that attracts white girls to black guys and not white guys? what are they better at?


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  • I'm very attracted to black men, but I'd never say they're the only ethnicity I would date. Here are some of my reasons:

    --They more commonly have a body type I'm attracted to. Well built with defined muscles all around. Not all girls like muscles, I really do. Also the dark features. I tend to go for tanner guys of any ethnicity.

    --They tend to be straight to the point when it comes to attraction. If they think I'm hot, they'll come over, tell me and ask for my number. I'm a confident girl, so their confidence drives me wild.

    --They tend to be very masculine and have a certain "swag" like MeuAmor said. It's a little indescribable.

    Overall, while every guy is different and it's impossible to judge an entire group of people based on race, there are a few traits I've rarely seen in all of the black men I've dated. They were never insecure, desperate, afraid to talk to me or afraid to be a man. And they usually have a body type I find attractive. Like I said, it's impossible to judge an entire group based on race, but those are my findings. Now when I run into guys of any other race that demonstrate those qualities I find attractive, I'm all over them too!


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  • Guess this got answered pretty good and as a white girl who only dates black men I have to agree with the other positive answers about why we date them.

    There is still these days some taboo about the interracial dating (usually white girl/black guy) that is intriguing and adds some extra spice to the relationship.

    Once you have been f**ked by a black man you understand the meaning of "Once you go Black you never go Back"!

  • "Once you go black you can never go back!"

    I think white girls just likes the rough-ness of a black man. Black men usually has this "swag" that attracts white girls if you know what I mean... Also probably their big c0cks

    • I got swag I can dance I'm athletic and got a big **** so all the stereotypes of black men fit me!

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    • Dressing like you're black, walking like you're black when you're white is not attractive. And most girls can agree with me. It's very try-hard so to say. It's not "cool" acting black because you're TRYING to be someone/something that you're not and it shows.

    • So I got to walk with me head down and not be confident and I don't wear bandanas and sag my pants I wear hip clothing but I don't do that and why can't it be called hip hop lifestyle for all people instead acting black?

  • They are probably just attracted to black guys and think they're hot. Don't take it personally.

  • Maybe they just like how the act, treat them, and they way a lot of them carry themselves in general aka "swag". I'm attracted to different ethnicites myself and I would be lying if I didn't say black guys do act pretty different from white guys unless they grew up surrounded by them or something. It's not about being able to dance, being naturally...hm big, it really comes down to how they just tend to naturally act. Maybe they just like how black guys look, it may be aesthetically pleasing to them.

    • I always treated girls great never hit, cheated or anything and I do act "black" because I grew up with them listening to the same music playing the same sports!

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    • To be honest I don't know what to tell you. All I can say is be yourself and don't try to be somebody or something else. If you act "black" like you say I don't get why you want to exactly because there's girls out there that could easily get a black guy that acts black instead of a white guy that does. Find your own swag that can't be defined by a ethnicity is pretty much what I'm suggesting and stick to you. You'll get yourself a white girl sooner or later.

    • I've talked like that since I was born I don't try to be nobody I am not I'm just me and if I sound black its because I can't help that's my voice I was born like that its just genes

  • The reason why I mostly only date black guys is because I just find them so sexy. I love the way they treat there women they are just so sweet . Black people are just Awesome and fun to be around. They have awesome personalities, they are sexy, and well black guys they are pretty big down there 90% of the time just saying lol

  • First off, I think that ONLY dating a race other than your own is weird. It's like some Black guys tell me they don't like Black girls and I'm like "your mom is a Black girl!" White girls who only date black guys are out of it too. Its fine to have a preference and to go for those people, but not to date them exclusively and to reject your own kind!

    I personally don't go for a guy just because he's black. I like dark skinned athletic black guys. I just like the way they look and how they're more assertive.

  • Because those are the only guys treat them well & will go out with them.

  • i'm a black girl answering this but I noticed they are attracted to their overall swag. really it depends on the guy and the girl individually. I noticed some black guys who date out have this disturbing self loathing thing going on, so they will tend to worship white girls and a white girl who lacks confidence might be attracted to that. some of them want to p*ss their parents off. some want the stereotypical black guy for experience. and some just love them for the qualities they generally have like being masculine, stylish, blunt and fun to be around


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