Why do some white girls only date black guys?

The other day I tried to ask this girl out and she says I only date black guys. I'm not against interracial dating but dating only black guys? As I did some research I realized that this is starting to become common. So what is it that attracts white girls to black guys and not white guys? what are they better at?


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  • I'm very attracted to black men, but I'd never say they're the only ethnicity I would date. Here are some of my reasons:

    --They more commonly have a body type I'm attracted to. Well built with defined muscles all around. Not all girls like muscles, I really do. Also the dark features. I tend to go for tanner guys of any ethnicity.

    --They tend to be straight to the point when it comes to attraction. If they think I'm hot, they'll come over, tell me and ask for my number. I'm a confident girl, so their confidence drives me wild.

    --They tend to be very masculine and have a certain "swag" like MeuAmor said. It's a little indescribable.

    Overall, while every guy is different and it's impossible to judge an entire group of people based on race, there are a few traits I've rarely seen in all of the black men I've dated. They were never insecure, desperate, afraid to talk to me or afraid to be a man. And they usually have a body type I find attractive. Like I said, it's impossible to judge an entire group based on race, but those are my findings. Now when I run into guys of any other race that demonstrate those qualities I find attractive, I'm all over them too!

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      Awesome answer.. what do you think of arabs lol?