When a guy touches you, does that mean he likes you?

Say a nonsexual touch on the shoulder, arm, head, etc. I've heard that a guy won't touch a girl they dislike... so does a friendly touch means he likes her?


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  • I wouldn't necessarily say that. It depends on a person's personal bubble. Some are more touchy with either gender. Personally, I like touching the sides of women I like. Sometimes the small of the back if approaching from the side.

    I wouldn't say it turns me on though. It is just a nice gesture that says I care about you. If a woman touches me, I wouldn't assume she liked me or was into me.

    • so if a guy does that it probably means he likes u?

    • It is possible but not definitely.

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  • One time I rubbed my boner on my friends leg in a non-sexual way.


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  • It doesn't automatically mean he wants to date her, but it's a good start. he's being friendly and open.