Why the hell are girls so completely insane?!?!

so I'm dating this girl and I live with her but her parents are in town helping her move to the new apt. so currently I'm at my buddies house crashing for 2 nights. this morning I get a text asking if she could stop by it was cool so she came over. as soon as she walked in she started to ask if the other roommate was here and blah blah so I went back to my computer. then next thing you know she is yelling at me literally 5 seconds later saying:

"well hi to you to! No?!? fine by ass hole!"

now she is saying she is gonna burn my bean to get me back for all the f***ed up sh*t I have done. but honestly I haven't done anything to her. I help her out around the house I work I'm not a freeloader or anything.

what the f*** should I do these kind of things are so common I'm starting to make a list of when it happens


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