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What to do after you've been rejected?

I told a girl I love her and wanted to be with her. She has been going through a break up, and she and I got to know each other really well during,... Show More

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  • Here's the deal, she likes you but not enough to be with you and by telling you that she wishes she met you before her ex is her way of keeping you stringed along and to have control over your emotions and she's done a good job of that. Yes she is using you to make herself feel better especially after you were such a gentleman and refused her sexual advances. She's got a lot of baggage at the moment so you should give her space let her resolve what she needs to, your friends right avoid contact with her, yes it will be painful to do but it will save you greater damage that the situation will cause if you keep in touch with her. It's for your own best interest in the long term if you cut her out of your life.

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  • I'm confused why you rejected her, but it was probably the right thing to do. For all it's worth, it sounds like she's got too much baggage for you to handle. Find someone who isn't in such a situation as this girl.

  • she sounds like drama...

    and she is playing your emotionsng

    get over her by watchin some p*rn deleting and blocking her number and go do some crazy sh*t with our guy friends...maybe look for a new girl to date or somethig

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