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Is making a mixed CD for a guy weird/corny/lame?

Suggestions (:?I'm thinking about doing it...but...aren't guys usually the ones who do this for girls :/?

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  • It was different back when it was mix tapes because they took a lot of effort and patience to make. I think that when that effort went away with the "drag-and-drop" convenience of CDs, a lot of the sentiment went away with it. I won't say it won't be appreciated, just that the concept has lost a lot in the transition from mix tapes to mix CDs.

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  • In my day it was mixed tapes. lolBoth genders can make them for each other. Whether it will be appreciated though depends on the receiver- not the gender.

  • No, just do what feels right - but it still very much reminds me of Stewie from Family Guy...making his mixed tapes =) lol

  • If you know their music taste then go for it. I think it's utterly adorable.

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