Is it unattractive for a guy to watch anime?

I'm in really good shape, I'm smart and handsome, but I also watch a ton of anime.

Does this make a girl become repulsed / turned off (not sexually, but romantically)?

  • Yes, it's strange
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  • No, to each his own
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Guess its all about finding the right people, seein as the votes are split...

oh well I'm sure I'm far more compatible with a "geeky" girl anyway ha ha

and for the record I'm not obsessed ;P


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  • its worst when your boyfriend is addictive to games

    • Its spell't addicted...and you should know that all guys are addicted to games...its cause their awesome...99% of the time a guy will give up their girl rather than their Xbox, or Ps3

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    • Haha thanks, I wonder why its so hard to find a date :P

    • @kaimaster11

      nah I stopped playing video games a while ago

      I have both PS3 and 360 and COD and halo reach and I never played either.

      I would never give up a girl for one of those systems. I would say you can HAVE one if you let me spend a day with her

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  • Watching excessive amounts of anime is right up there with playing dungeons and dragons as far as I'm concerned

    • Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

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    • People obsess over anime, that's why they have conventions. If you don't obsess over something then why would you worry about it being unattractive? Everyone enjoys things a little out of the ordinary, it would only be a problem if you obsess over it. If you aren't obsessed with it then why worry about it?

    • Dude, D&D is awesome, but Call of Cthulhu is better.

      It's all up to personal preference, but I'd say everything in moderation is best. I'd be disappointed if my guy wouldn't watch anime or play D&D with me, but if it's all he does, it's unattractive.

  • Well I personally really dislike anime but my sister loves it. As long as I don't have to watch it with him then it's fine. We'll just call it his "dorky little hobby" my boyfriend has one with computer games. It's not a turn-off per se but I wouldn't be bragging about it on the first date, give it time for the girl to get to like you 1st

  • It's cool as long as you also make time to do other things you enjoy as well, like not obsessed with it is what I'm saying I guess. I'm also really big into watching anime (I love it!) but I also play some sports and do some other hobbies. But as for just watching anime in general being a turnoff? Definitely not, I would'nt have a prob with it lol

  • ...Of course not...Why would it be unattractive?I like anime too.

  • No. it's your honest. watch it with pride

  • no, & you are really cute by the way ;)

    • well thank you very much :)

  • haha my boyfriend is so into Naruto and FMA .. it is hard to answer this without bias.. for me it doesn't turn my off a guy romantically nor does it romantically turn off a lot of girls I know. My boyfriend is smart, very handsome and in good shape, he is like any sporty guy in body any normal guy in mind, he just loves his anime...


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