Is it unattractive for a guy to watch anime?

I'm in really good shape, I'm smart and handsome, but I also watch a ton of anime.

Does this make a girl become repulsed / turned off (not sexually, but romantically)?

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  • Vote B No, to each his own
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Guess its all about finding the right people, seein as the votes are split...

oh well I'm sure I'm far more compatible with a "geeky" girl anyway ha ha

and for the record I'm not obsessed ;P


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  • its worst when your boyfriend is addictive to games

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      Its spell't addicted...and you should know that all guys are addicted to games...its cause their awesome...99% of the time a guy will give up their girl rather than their Xbox, or Ps3

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      Haha thanks, I wonder why its so hard to find a date :P

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      nah I stopped playing video games a while ago

      I have both PS3 and 360 and COD and halo reach and I never played either.

      I would never give up a girl for one of those systems. I would say you can HAVE one if you let me spend a day with her