Does he think about me? Will he ever come back?

Me and my ex have been together for two years and some months. we were so in love that every little thing became an argument because we were scared to lose each other. I became a crappy girlfriend but he still loved me to death... until 3-4 months ago, he left me for another girl. he started treating me badly and called me names. he said she was so much better than me... I put on my poker face and pretended I didn't care... she has left him about a month ago and his life has gone downhill since we've broken up... thanks to his friends' bad behavior he is an immature kid again. I have been trying to move on because this pain is relentless but SOMETHING; fate, gut feeling, etc. is keeping me believing he still loves me and that he will eventually be back. There isn't one day that goes by that I don't think about him. All of my friends are getting tired of hearing about it but I don't care, they don't understand. I was in his position before... I wanted a break and he was so broken hearted! I feel like such an idiot that I made him feel this way. I need him to understand that I love him without him acting like he doesn't care about me. he has to still care, right? We were each other's first everything!