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What does it mean when a best guy friend let's you wear his hoodie?

He let me wore his hoodie when I said I was cold. Then by the end of the night he never asked for it back, so when I got home and asked if he wanted... Show More

I have had it for about a week. So that must be a good sign.

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  • Maybe he has a thing for you, it sounds like a chivalrous kind of protective act that a guy would do for a girl if he liked her. Especially if you're his best friend. it seems like many guys who have female best friends have feelings for them on some level. but this is just from my perspective as a female, maybe a guy would give you a more accurate answer but I really think he probably likes u

    • I think I was over thinking it, and just took his kindness as a factor, he did flirt and cuddle but after I had his jacket he stopped so I think he was doing it without realization and later figured out what he was doing and stopped. Thanks for the advice =D

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  • I would say that him letting you wear it and subsequently keep it, for a time, may suggest that he has some kind of feelings for you. Have you noticed him showing any other signs of interest?

    • Last time we cuddled while watching some videos and a movie, where we didn't really do that before. He also seems to hug me tighter than before. But we flirt a lot, so I don't know if we are just comfortable with each other and flirting like this or he actually has feelings.

    • I think he might, the cuddling and flirting kind of suggest it to me....

    • Yeah I don't cuddle with a girl unless I have some interest in her.

  • I'd say he has some feelings for you. Do you have feelings for him? I mean... you cuddled with the guy.

    • I am confused right now, I do but there is other stuff conflicting me right now.

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