Hot girls don't get approached as much as you'd think, true or false?

He told me that attractive /hot girls don't get approached as much as you'd think, and that most of the time they're single.

he said its because most guys are afraid of approaching them, or think they're out of their league.

is this true ? are most attractive girls single because they intimidate guys ?


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  • Very true.

    I'm not trying to sound conceited but I've had guys actually open up & tell me that they think that I'm "too good for them & would never give them a chance", this makes me so mad. I really don't even have a type & would never assume I'm better than someone else. Be confident in yourself, yeah looks do matter but then again personality wins in my book. A guy could be the most attractive guy I've ever seen but if his personality sucks then there's no point. I rather be with a semi-decent guy who has a great personality, then be with thee hottest guy ever with no personality.

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      First is that you in your pic?

      and second, do you get approached often? or do most guys just look and stay away ?

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      YES. Def the best answer.

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      I don't know what dudeman 's problem is, Nat. I know first hand that top-shelf women like you either don't get approached much at all, or mainly get approached by the dbag dudes (and the more genuine dude are afraid of you like you're a flesh eating zombie).