Hot girls don't get approached as much as you'd think, true or false?

He told me that attractive /hot girls don't get approached as much as you'd think, and that most of the time they're single.

he said its because most guys are afraid of approaching them, or think they're out of their league.

is this true ? are most attractive girls single because they intimidate guys ?


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  • Very true.

    I'm not trying to sound conceited but I've had guys actually open up & tell me that they think that I'm "too good for them & would never give them a chance", this makes me so mad. I really don't even have a type & would never assume I'm better than someone else. Be confident in yourself, yeah looks do matter but then again personality wins in my book. A guy could be the most attractive guy I've ever seen but if his personality sucks then there's no point. I rather be with a semi-decent guy who has a great personality, then be with thee hottest guy ever with no personality.

    • First is that you in your pic?

      and second, do you get approached often? or do most guys just look and stay away ?

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    • YES. Def the best answer.

    • I don't know what dudeman 's problem is, Nat. I know first hand that top-shelf women like you either don't get approached much at all, or mainly get approached by the dbag dudes (and the more genuine dude are afraid of you like you're a flesh eating zombie).


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  • Very true.

  • I agree with what the guys are saying, if the "hot" girl has a great personality she will get approached a lot! Now I don't know if I'm considered a "hot girl" but I personally get approached all the time but only when I'm being myself. When I'm acting happy and laughing and making humor a lot of guys like me.. When I'm quiet and look sullen not so much... Right now I have a few guys interested in me but I've been single for a year now and I don't really want a relationship right now. So I think the answer to this question is a yes/no sometimes answer.

    • Well said. :)

    • Thanks prof, although I don't understand why I said I get approached? When I don't. lol.

  • True. Unless I personally make an effort to approach a man, it's only drunks or sugar daddy types.

  • So I'm kinda worried if I say something here that some man will hate on me. Well here it goes. I believe your statement is true. I have beautiful friends that always end up with douchbags. Men who treat them like Shit. I think men are intiminated by their beauty, especially if they do not have confidence in themselves. And the beautiful woman stay single because of this unless they have a horrible boyfriend that treats them like sh*t. Beautiful and gorgeous woman are people to. You just have to talk to her. Most of them are actually sweet and nice. Some are Bitches but I think its because they have been through a lot with guys or they are into themselves.

    • The idea of beautiful / gorgeous women being people, is an idea I truly embrace. They're people, not objects! :-P

  • NO, that is not true,the reason why is because they know that when you think your all that and a bag of chips you have a bad attitude. You think your too good and you have gotten the big head. Nine times out of ten, they have a man,because they think they can have any man they want. Don't get me wrong it's nice to be attractive but with a nice attitude,so people will feel that it OK to approach you! It's the man or boy INSECURITIES is why they think like that!

  • Yes it is true and it's upsetting because it is worth it getting to know an attractive girl... they're people too! Just because they're attractive, doesn't mean that they're taken or complete bitches, and I can't speak for all attractive girls but, most of the girls I know that are good looking are single and they're great girls and the guys are simply missing out on their false assumptions.

    • So most attractive girls don't get approached ?

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    • Yeah, I heard this from a girl I knew awhile ago. She called me up and told me something similar - I was like, what about me? We'd been friends for a couple months, I told her that I was attracted to her but I wasn't good enough for her.

      Fast forward five years:

      She's still single and still bitching about how men won't approach her because she's "too pretty" and that the only guys she gets are player types. Her own damned fault if you ask me.

    • OMG! You said it well! I just want a nice sweet guy. But most guys that do approach tend to be arrogant jackasses...

      Sweet, nice guys: Give yourself more credit! And approach the girl you are interested in. You guys tend to have great personalities :)

  • hot girls are approached by hot guys which is rare.

  • Very true. Guy-friends of mine often tell my girlfriends what they think of me, and in turn my girlfriends tell me what they say. The comments are often 'She's hot' or 'She's pretty' 'Shes so funny!' or 'She has great boobs,' but I have never once been cordially asked out. My friends tell me that guys like me, or that I'm attractive, but I think some guys are just scared off for the reasons (in your question.)

  • true because (not to sound conceited) me and my friends are considered "hot" by our guy friends and none of us have a boyfriendd.

  • Of course they do... By hot guys or rich men that is

  • false

    If you make a profile on here as a hot female, you wouldn't believe how many men approach you, it's scary. Just out of curiousity I made a profile with a hot guy, & only two girls sent me friend requests. As a hot female, I received over 200 friend requests, it was scary.

  • If a girl is hot and shy/quiet she probably won't be approached but if she's somewhat outgoing or knows a lot of people then she probably will. I know some hot girls that are always getting attention so I guess it depends on the girl's personality and how approachable she seems and who she's around


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  • yes and no... If the attractive girl has a magnetic personality they tend to have tons of boyfriends.

    a "10" that is more introverted however probably doesn't get many dates, because guys are intimidated

    • yeah but you wouldn't know what the girl's personality is like when you first approach her. Aren't we talking about approaching hot girls who we don't know?

  • I am interested to hear more women respond to this. My feeling has always been that hot women get approached by so many men they begin to disdain men and feel that the men who approach them are not "good" men.

    ...which fits the responses we have gotten.

    it also makes sense, the more confident guys do a lot of the approaches, and jerks tend to be confident, so they would get approached by a lot of jerks.

    I have been surprised by the number of women who said they are hot and don't get approached though, that surprised me, I want to hear from more of them.

    • Okay, I'm gonna feel really conceited for responding here, but I've always been told that I'm hot and when I was in high school actually did some modeling. I rarely if ever get approached by guys. And it's funny too because I think I"m pretty down-to-earth-I wear jeans and t-shirts more than heels and miniskirts and would rather hang out watching a movie than go clubbing. That might be part of the problem though, idk. I guess I probably shouldn't be as shy and "bookish" but thta's just who I am.

  • I think its more of the other way around more hot guys are single because girls naturally won't ask but guys are pumped with testosterone and think they have what it takes so there are more than you think probably but a lot of guys try

  • I would actually say it's somewhat false, at least around where I live. The girls that you see around here are always with a guy. We have way more than a few high schools and colleges around here, which means there are a bunch of different networks to get into. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of guys. This also means that there are a lot of guys who want to approach a girl at a party or whatnot. Who knows, I might be wrong but to me it doesn't seem like pretty girls have much of a problem.

    I think it also depends on what type of guys are approaching these pretty girls, whether they are the jerks or not. Again, I see a lot of girls in relationships with dudes. Some may be jerks, some may just act like jerks to get girls, and some might be nice. But again, to me it doesn't seem like girls are having a problem.

  • Not entirely true - hot girls who act like stuck up bitches don't get approached. I see this all the time - the girls I work with (and the girl I'm going with) are all "hot" and guys are always approaching them because they are extroverted, friendly etc. They have hot friends too, and a couple of the hot friends are almost never approached by guys because they just sit there and look grumpy, when guys dare to talk to them they look the other way, yawn whatever. One of them started venting at me the other day, telling me how she hadn't been laid in a year, guys don't want her, blah blah blah. I told her "you know, there's a reason for that" which I thought was kind of funny & a bit true. Age 30, really good looking, financially secure and can't get a date says a LOT if you ask me.

  • not sure, because almost all the time they are taken, they are never single, and when they are single, they just recently broke up, they get into rebound relationships quickly

  • more rich men approach them.. the good guys will too but they will feel insecure

  • Yea they do! Like alot. I never bother because I know they get approached by the jerks and I think that's what they want.

  • Nope, they're all taken because every guy wants one, whether he is a puritan or a Randolph McMurphy. Guys tend to go for the hot girls before the others, and go for the others when they realize they're playing wayy out of their league. Shy girls tend to not be asked out, and girls without makeup sadly also go uncared for. The most attractive girls don't intimidate most guys. The most attractive girls intimidate bisexual guys. Unfortunately for most women, the hot guys are indeed bisexual. I would know, I'm a bisexual guy, and quite frankly, it's way easier for me to approach my bro than it is for me to approach a fine woman. This is mainly because guys view women as pristine and goddess-like, and themselves as rugged and unsightly. So, in short, if you are ahead in the looks department, you're only gonna scare away guys who wouldn't be too interested in you anyways.

    It's not just us bi's who avoid hot girls like the plague; rich guys, nice guys, and nerds do too. They often feel that they simply aren't worthy or cut out for being with attractive women. Quite frankly, the source of this problem is women; girls do not appreciate the meek who have low testosterone. Often times, those 'nice guys' and that 'perfect guy' have lower levels of testosterone than the rest of the male population, and testosterone is what is responsible for the physical traits that make a guy appear 'hot'. Because of this, many become used to continuous rejection, and lose 'the game', if you will. They give up, and thus devote more energy to their studies and success. This is where rich guys come in. Rich guys don't seek girls, gold diggers seek them. A rich guy would either marry a girl who is at his level in other looks and wealth, or fall into the trap of gold diggers. I hope this answers your questions.

    Essentially, only your normal guys + douchebags will ask a hot girl out, and so hot girls often times are forced to resort to staying with these guys. This all sounds bleak, doesn't it? That's life.