Generally, how long does it take a man to get over someone?

Am just wondering how long does it take a Guy to get over a girl, whether its rejection, a breakup or marriage?

From what I have seen it takes a long time for men to get over girls, if they really loved them.

But on GAG I have noticed that most men get over chicks pretty easy, after 2 weeks or something and always moving on to the next chick!

I know it all depends on what the relationship was like.. But lets just say in "General" how do Men react to a break up.

How long does it really take a man to get over someone?

Would sex help him to get over a chick?

Would he start dating right away even if he isn't really over her just yet?



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  • most people I knew needed 1 whole year to get over their first love, especially if it was that teens growing-up-with-your-lover type of love. The next one would take anything within 2 to 6 months, given that it was intimate and based on deep feelings. More important is the way they broke up with, if it ended with the buy being bored or fed up with his girl then it won't take him any time to move up to the next one, but if it was the girl who's been mean and playing around, or simply as if she cheated, replaced him with another, or got married, then it's the whole one year thing I talked about before or even worse, some guys can never get over the fact that they loved a girl and she stabbed them in the back.

    If we're talking about a relationship based on lust and lacks friendship from the start, then it's usually not dramatic at all for a guy to get another in no time, let's say that's the 2 months relationships type... another thing I have noticed, the time it takes us guys to deal with breakups is similar regardless of our personalities, but the way we deal with it is different, some might just want to sleep, some want to keep crying like babies and be alone, some want to cry in front of others, some start looking fast, others would just keep it inside and wish she'd come back to them, some would just want to be single and drop thoughts on their part. But in the end, the thoughts of the girl being with another guy is what hurts during a break up the most, jealousy feelings and such.


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  • If you LOVED that girl, then usually how long you were with her can tell you how long it will take...

    with her for a day, it will take a week

    with her for a month, it will take 2-4 weeks

    with her for 6months, it will take 3-6months

    with her for a year, it will take 3-10 months

    with her for 5 years, it will take 6 months to a year

    with her for anything longer and it can take years,

    This time can shorten if the guy finds another girl that he likes and tends to overcome his troubles quicker but NOT THAT MUCH quicker

  • A rule of thumb that I've heard often (and makes sense) is that getting over the relationship takes about half the time as the relationship actually lasted. So a one-year relationship takes 6 months to get over, a 2 year relationship takes 1 year to get over, etc.

    Obviously there's a lot of variability in this by person and by relationship.

  • It depends on the guy. Some it may take a month or a year, some it takes five minutes. Just know, the men who can get over a break up in a day or two was SO worth the breaking you with.

    • I know =) Thanks for the sweet answer!

  • It took me more than two years to get over the first girl I fell in love with, I was clinically depressed. We never had a relationship, she was cold-hearted, and she flirted with my friends. I'd always look for ways to improve my status and look for what attracted girls. I attracted many girls but not her. I was persistent, but things only got worse. But now, it takes two weeks to get over some girl I've flirted with for a while.

    Having sex to get over someone? I think dating and meeting new people helps get the girl my mind. Sex I don't know.

    It was very hard for me to start dating again.

    I'm still a 22 year old virgin. So I think It takes me longer to get over a girl than the average guy.

  • Yes, most have posted it depends on the guy. But the truth is men fall out of love faster much slower than women. It takes us longer.

    Sex may help him get over for the 5, 10, whatever mins. it lasts but then he's back to feeling liek crap.

  • I've been broken up with my ex-girlfriend for about two months now, and there isn't one day that goes by without me thinking of her. She was my everything, and then all of a sudden she just wants to end it all. It really hurt me, we were together for a year and a half. Some people might say it's too little time, but to me she was my soulmate. I just knew she was the one for me, and the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I guess she had other plans, I found out that she's already moving on and having sex with other people. I can't even find myself thinking of having sex with anyone else, but her. You all can call me "gay" and all this shit for saying that, but I honestly did love her. I don't think I'll be over her anytime soon. So there isn't really an answer to the question. Everyone is different and everyone shows their emotions different ways. I'll always care for her, but the only thing to do now is to let go. It'll be a good while before I start talking to someone else. It all depends on the type of guy you are to really know how long it'll take to get over a girl.

  • Shouldn't take longer then a month unless it's their first love then maybe longer. Less if he finds someone new. Others can take a little longer.


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  • Well I'm a girl, and it takes me 2 seconds or less. Not kidding.

  • I just reunited with my ex after 2yrs plus.He begged me all through till I had to reconsider. it depends on the extent of love the man has 4u and the effect the relationship has on him and not sex because he can get it anywhere.there's really no time duration.

  • Well a guy I was seeing for 4 months was out of a 8 year marriage. let me explain: Him: 19 Her: 15. (2001) They dated for four years got married (2005) when she was 19 and him 23. White wedding, perfect, story tell kinda. two years later (2007) There daughter was born. 2 years later (2009), she cheats on him with his cousin and after coming home from a 14 hour night work shift to catch her! He moved out asap. got a divorce August of 2009. It has been over a year. Talking to him today about her he seems sad.. Said his cousing broke it off with her and she wanted him back. that she is hiding things from him because his daughter talks about people he don't know and he asks his ex wife and she snapped at him. So she is secretly seeing someone else and hacked his fb and found out about me. And told him she wanted to get back together fix the family, me and him split up, I wanted nothing but to see him happy, it was her game to split us up! So now I know how he feels about her really I talk to him about it... He tells me "I don't know how to not love her!" even after she played him many times! I am so jealous of her to have stolen his heart... He is a wonderful guy and I wish oneday he will be mine! Its been a long time since they split up... but yet he still loves her! after a marriage like that, a guy is damaged, he will no longer know how to trust a woman again, and he is just robbed of everything is how he must feel! anyways I gotta go to bed! hope this helped :)

    • I don't understand why did you tell me this whole story which clearly doesn't answer my question. Thanks anyway

    • Well my point was being.. He was with that chick so long and a year and a half later he still isn't over her, honesty don't think he will ever be. Why don't you state your situation if your looking for a particular answer? It mainly depends on how much time they have been together, and if he really loved her or not. It varies, not all guys are the same