Do I subconsciously flirt?

I'm super nice to people (by people I mean guys. I stay far away from girls. They start drama.). I'm always friendly and I love giving hugs! Sometimes guys mistake my kindness and friendliness for liking them and one of my ex-boyfriends told me I flirted with everyone. And some of my friends have told me I flirt too. If I do do it subconsciously, can it really be counted as flirting?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, what you are doing is misconstrued as flirting, because it is flirting behavior - getting close to a guy, being huggy, over friendly...these are traits of someone who has interest is that person. you it's just friendly behavior and you are probably the kind of girl who likes closeness, maybe subconsciously you find comfort in hugs and being close to man. You need to find a way of being friendly with out the hugs because if you get with a guy and he loves you, he might get angry/jealous start arguing with you, ignoring you and (god forbid) cheat on you. SO reel it in hugging with guys, hug girls instead! :-D