Why are men so afraid of rejection?

I mean seriously, you'd rather ask a kinda ugly girl out instead of a pretty and super cool one, because you're afraid of rejection? Sometimes you have to get over yourselves and stop thinking that girls are 'out of your league'. It's such a guy thing, I've never thought that in my life about guy.


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  • Getting turned down hurts. Try it, it sucks.

    People say it a numbers game. That's fine and all. If you fall, get up and try again right? But hearing you aren't good enough 99 times before you get that 1 person who will give you a chance really takes a toll on your ego.

    Girls like to be looked at, chased after, told they are beautiful and cute. It makes them feel good and boost their ego. They never really have to realize their fears of not being good enough because most of the time they are the ones being chased. Guys have their fears realized every single time they try.

    We're tough, we'll get over it, but give us a little slack, its hard.

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      This is a great answer.

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      "I'll appraoch a guy if I like him. No way id be rejected 99 times- I won't like 99 guys."

      That makes it WORSE. Because lets say you only like 5 guys out of 100. Now you have all of this emotional investment in this one person because now if those 5 guys shoot you down, you have to wait till you come across another 100 guys. The rejection is MUCH worse when you like someone than it is if you only slightly care.

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      "Getting turned down hurts. Try it, it sucks."

      She's a hypocrite who won't be trying anything. Don't even bother to tell her. She criticizes men for no risking rejection, when in reality she could never do it probably