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To guys, do you like it when girls approach you first?

Right, Guys, If a girl was to approach you for the first time, how would you react/feel? ..

Thank you

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  • Ofcource we like but like women, we also have the feeling/thought of "this girl is hitting on me", "she's just looking for a free drink" and so on but my favorite is "i don't know what she wants yet", if I'm thinking that then I know she'll be at least somewhat interested in me as she started talking to me but why is she interested, did she notice I was having a good time, does she want to make friends, does she want sex, is she looking for a long term boyfriend? What does she want from me, who is she and why?

    it gets guys to think about you already without doing anything and its good fun to think that way =)

    • That's what I usually think when a girl out of nowhere for the first time talks to me. And if I find her attractive then I'll have her on my mind for the first few days. If things change then it'll either make me have her on my mind more or less.

What Guys Said 21

  • I'd be really flattered since many people will think she's bizarre and she knows that. To step out of line like this is a sign of someone with a lot of confidence and her own mind. I"d clear some room in my calendar for her!

  • I would already have loads of respect for her that she would not have otherwise gotten.

  • Its extremely sexy! Its like the biggest aphrodisiac ever.

  • LOVE IT!

  • I'd be taken back a bit since society tells us that men should always make the first move, but it should be perfectly fine

  • Do it. I find it SO refreshing when a woman actually has the courage to approach a guy. Those women are one in a million. They are rare gems. You look at her and say "this ones a keeper."

    Most women are cowards who will not risk rejection. Approaching a guy is very attractive.

  • it's always great to have a girl approach a guy, even if their married or involved... You just made someone feel attractive, never a bad thing. Hopefully they will tell you they're taken, but that's another story

    guys like to feel attractive just as women do, we brag about that to our friends when it happens... Understand if someone is not receptive, maybe they are having a bad day, maybe something horrible has happened, maybe yes they are not attracted to you. Only a jerk that you don't need would treat the situation like a jerk, but most people will enjoy the experience... Do it

  • a girl approached me the other day at wal-mart.. she's cute and the fact she had the balls to do that is sexy to me.. but a voice in the back of my mind told me she might be a ho.. we will see

    • Screw, f*** double-standards, it's not slutty if a girl chases a guy

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    • Juts because one girl finally gets her convidence up to ask out a guy that certainly does not make her a hoe. Saying this could make a girl who reads what you said make her belive that any guy she asked out would think the same thing. I approached my guy and was first to ask him to hang out so am I a hoe?

    • Well this chick that came up to me turned out to be a sex toy saleswoman.. she hosts sex toy parties.. so yes she ended up being a ho.. but who cares?! I'm not judging her.. just labeling her :P

  • If someone approaches me, it ll certainly make me feel good..but at the same time I ll become super conscious and would nt b able to react freely as if I approach someone...

  • My reaction: Shocked

    My feelings: Flattered

    Arguably one of the biggest turn ons, enough said.

  • Yes, just don't seem interested(makes him suspisious), and be playfull

  • About the only time I maybe wish I was a girl? lol, don't have to do anything and have the opposite sex approach you. Saves me being shot down 10 times before I find one and my self-esteem.

  • I would be a surprised because of the social standards pressured on people. I would gladly accept it even though it hasn't happen yet, lol I know loser right? No, little joke but why not get out of the norm, we are in a untraditional society. To me it shows a different kind of thinking on her end and I would like to see what else is there. Out of the box thinking and beating the norm is a plus form me. I live in a society where everything has to be the same ie marine corps. Anyway I would like it and say to girls go for it why not, guys are always going to approach you. Beat us to the punch lol. Unless if that's not your thing, then do what makes you happy "\(^_^)/"

  • are you hot? if yes, goahead. if not exactly, try to show your intrest in someother ways and have some bonding.

  • Well as men are supposed to manly and be able to take pressure in approaching them first so therefore it takes manhood (if you call it) away, but at the same time it takes pressure off them and it's a more relieving thing. So Yes and No answers the question.

  • As rare as it is, I like it when a girl approaches me. But at the same time it depends on the girl. I assume that it's the same type of feeling that a girl gets when a guy approaches her. Sometimes she likes it and sometimes not. Other factors such as depends on the guy and his approach, etc. right?

  • heck ya ! we guys keep debating these types of problems girls seem to have in thinking guys have to do everything...

    how I would feel if a girl asked me out etc ... well I can tell you it would be the happiest moment in my life... the same with being with her and of course sex with her when the knot gets tied

  • in my experience, the vast majority of guys that I have approached or initiated contact with did not mind at all

  • I wish more of those girls existed

  • It would be great, but to bad it hardly ever happens even to the hot guys.

What Girls Said 5

  • From what I've heard from my guy friends, they seem to like it. Sure, there's always going to be some guys out there that think the guy should do the pursuing, but a lot of the time, guys think it's sexy and shows a sense of confidence when the girl approaches them first.

    In fact, I pulled the first move on a guy last week... it would have worked out awesomely if it wasn't for the fact that I think he has a girlfriend. I drive a bmw, he also drives one, and while leaving school, we drive behind/beside each other occasionally and then one day, I was waiting in line to leave the school, he's leaving his spot which is near the area I was, and I let him pull up in front of me. I then had the brilliant idea that I was going to write my number on a piece of paper and hand it to him at a red light since we've caught each other at one before. Instead, he turns into the gas station, and I, with some hesitation, quickly pull up behind him and go into the parking spot next to him. I then proceed to give him my number and yell out "bimmer buddies!" :D. He said he'd definitely text me later, the look on his face showed satisfaction and some surprise, but one of my friends then tells me (about five days later) that he has a girlfriend.

    Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, guys enjoy being approached just as much as girls, and as a girl, I can honestly say that it was very satisfying, despite the fact that I didn't come out a winner, ahaha. damn... and he was pretty hot too.

    Long story short, I say go for it, try it at least once. Because since I did it, I already have more confidence in myself and I want to do it again, since I found out that it's really not that scary and that it could definitely come in handy in the near future. What if you come across a gorgeous guy who's pathetically shy? Since he won't pull the move, you have to.

  • Yes they like it however they think they already have you on there hands and they take it for granted so do it but be carrefull don't show too much interested and yeah some will think you are a hooker...

    • No we don't think they are a hooker : / and if a girl didn't show interest in me than why is she there?

    • Of course the girl is interested but I am just saying just don't seem to much interested as the girl did the first move wait to see if the guy does the second

  • I , personally as a girl does not like the thought of approaching the guy first.

    Call me old fashioned but I like being approached by a man first , It shows he's not afraid to get my attention and show he is interested. I'm a bit on the shy side so I like the man being my complete opposite sometimes !

    • Cool. because your opinion reealllly mattered.

  • it would make life much easier for them

  • I believe anyone of any gender loves it when a member of the oppossite sex approaches them first

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