To guys, do you like it when girls approach you first?

Right, Guys, If a girl was to approach you for the first time, how would you react/feel? ..

Thank you


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  • Ofcource we like but like women, we also have the feeling/thought of "this girl is hitting on me", "she's just looking for a free drink" and so on but my favorite is "i don't know what she wants yet", if I'm thinking that then I know she'll be at least somewhat interested in me as she started talking to me but why is she interested, did she notice I was having a good time, does she want to make friends, does she want sex, is she looking for a long term boyfriend? What does she want from me, who is she and why?

    it gets guys to think about you already without doing anything and its good fun to think that way =)

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      That's what I usually think when a girl out of nowhere for the first time talks to me. And if I find her attractive then I'll have her on my mind for the first few days. If things change then it'll either make me have her on my mind more or less.