Why do guys not have the balls to talk to a girl?

I know so many guys that don't have the balls to talk to a girl that they think is pretty or a girl they like... I don't understand. Why is that?


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  • There's a number of reasons. A lot of these reasons start out in high school and they can stick with us for life. Sometimes this is because there are situations in which such immature rules of conduct still apply. But for now, let's talk about high school.

    For one, high school guys have a much greater potential for being immature. Not all of them are but it can happen. They, like everyone else in high school, have a lot riding on what they think or fear people might say about them, what people might think about them. This in itself is intimidating. They fear rejection, or they fear the rep that comes with it, or the rep that comes with dating a certain girl. It's all a case of extremely petty politics.

    Another thing warding guys off is the pretty girls themselves. Face it, in high school, a lot of the prettiest girls out there also hole within them the capacity to be the biggest cunts on the planet. Again, not to say that they all are, but they could be. It's even worse if she's the kind of girl who is always hanging around a large group of pretty girls on mass. This sends the impression that in order to talk to you, they also have to deal with your friends. If any of your friends have reputation for being a cunt, you could easily be painted with the same brush and palate. Not to mention the nightmarish image of asking out a girl he likes and getting shot down in a cruel manner, only to have a peanut gallery of giggling girls giving you shit about it too.

    Then there's the guys who just plain give up ahead of time. They see a pretty girl and they think about how likely she is to being completely out of their league. Or maybe some guy is thinking that she wouldn't see anything in him, or think he's not handsome enough, or tall or pretty or muscular, or popular enough. Just in general thinking that she's too good for him, or just simply he's not good enough. Sometimes just skipping past all that and jumping right back to what was discussed in the previous paragraph, and assuming that she's so pretty that she's also probably a really shallow cunt, and therefor only after somebody who's a hot guy with a big dick.

    Again all of these are generalizations. Not all guys think this. Not all girls are like this. not all guys think girls are like this, but these are all possibilities, and a guy might possibly be affected by some of this baggage. This is the kind of shit that could potentially be effecting him, or running though his head be it something he came to on his own or something his asshole friends put in his head. Even more this is assuming that he's not just plain shy.

    Ultimately if you think there's somebody out there for you, and you have somebody in mind, you need to say something if he isn't. I'm not sure if you noticed yet, but the world is a lot more equal opportunity than it used to be. You don't need to wait for him to come to you, and court you like this was Jane Austen or some shit. You are well within your rights to make moves yourself.

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  • Fear, if not TERROR, of rejection is the only reason. No guy wants to approach a pretty girl, ask her out and have her, for example, laugh in his face.

  • I don't do it because of a bad experiance that happend to me in High school. There was a girl I really liked for sometime I thought for a while how I would ask her out and I eventualy just said I need to quit thinking and just do it. So I told this girl how I felt and that I wanted to go out with her. She told me she would think about it and for me to wait on the football field at lunch and she would tell me her answer. I went there and waited and after a few minutes a guy showed up and told me that he was her boyfriend and that I needed to learn not to speak to his girl. I didn't know she had a boyfriend and I tried telling him this but a couple of his friends walked up and grabbed me and he started punching me until they threw me to the ground. When I got up one of them had a basketball in there hand and hit me in the face with it as hard as they could standing about a foot away. I tried getting up again and they hit me with the ball in the face again. This time I layed down and the guy kicked my arm and told me never to talk to his girlfriend again. When he was leaving I sat up and looked around and seen the girl was standing behind the bleechers the whole time watching and she was laughing about what they just did to me.

    I don't amny other people can say something like this happend to them and it bugs when people say things like grow a pair or man up.

    • She was immature! thankfully you didn't go out with her, obviuiosly she wouldn't have known how to be a decent person to you. her boyfriend and his friends were crazy!

    • 'Immature'? The hell? That's cruelty, plain and simple. She had no call to do that to you.

  • Some guys are just shy. You can't expect everyone to be brave and confident.

  • The first thought that usually goes through a guy's mind if he sees a pretty girl is "there is no way that a girl that good looking does not already have a boyfriend / husband". So, he will write her off as taken and move on.

  • because they are only out

    for themsleves, but there's

    plenty of decent guys (like

    me) who have the balls to talk 2 a gurl

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  • It's a little word called "rejection". The possibility of it can resonate so strongly, that you freeze up and have no idea how to talk to the girl, so you just let it go. It would help if the girl made it easier on the guy by showing some friendliness. Some girls don't help matters when they are so shy or uncomfortable they look like an ice princess that is unapproachable.

  • Well girls are pretty intimidating. I am a straight female, and I am even scared to walk up to most girls. We are constantly judging everyone, "Ew her hair is greasy" or "Gross he's burping his abc's" when your feelings are on the line, would you trust them with a girl?

    I certainly wouldn't. And even if you're a more laid back girl like me, some guys are just too shy, have been hurt in the past, or just aren't interested.

  • same reason why girls don't make the first move. fear of rejection, pride, self esteem...the usual.

  • Why do guys have to make the first move? Women are perfectly capable of initiating a conversation. Besides, imagine how you would feel in their position. Most people would ASSUME the GUY is interested in the girl when they approach them for whatever reason. Because of that assumption it adds to the pressure of walking up to an attractive person and talking to them. It personally bothers me a bit as well, but sometimes you just got to make the first move. It's better than thinking "what if" later. It's better to think "well it was worth a shot anyway." :)

  • You probably make them nervous... I have had guys who didn't know how to act around me because they thought I was pretty... If you know a guy likes you or thinks you are pretty, and you kind of like him too, just go for it... Don't wait for him...

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