Best places to meet decent guys?

So there must be preferable places to meet decent guys to date, curious as to what peoples thoughts are? (am in UK btw)

I am not religious so do not go to church. However I do work in a large company so that's possible. Just a case of waiting and seeing, you never know where or when your gonna meet someone I guess is what am hearing.


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  • Meeting a guy isn't something that's going to happen if you try to plan for it. The best thing you can do is just make sure you're out and about and making it obvious that you're available without looking like you're desperate. Go to places where guys hang out when they just wanna be with the guys or be alone, not places where they would go to meet girls. Take up a hobby that's not something typical of a girl and join a group of people who do that hobby. An example would be motorcycling (and I only use this example because I ride). Did you know that the ratio of guys who ride motorcycles to girls who ride motorcycles is like 30 to 1? But every one of those 30 guys would be on their knees begging for a girl who rides too. Try buying a motorcycle and learning to ride, joining an owner's club for your make and model of motorcycle and go on the planned events they organize. It's a great way to meet people and just great fun whether you meet someone or not. Most hobbies you can do something similar with.

    • On the owner's group I'm registered with, they actually had to make a policy to keep all the single male members from swarming the occasional female member that joined like a pack of hungry wild dogs. Yes, it was so common they actually had to make a rule preventing it. That should give you an idea of how easy it would be for you.

    • Good advice. blokes love "helping", so if you take up a hobby they can help you with, so much the better

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  • Get a plane ticket and fly on over here! lol.

    You're not religious, which could mean a lot of things; so that being said, there are other places to look.

    Charities and non profits might be a way to go. Find one you can be passionate about, and you'll find guys that are passionate about that same thing. Of course, go for the charity, not just to meet guys.

    School might be another place.

    Watch the company romances, as they can get either one of you into trouble. Make sure you have an understanding of how your job feels about romances, and if possible, go for someone who isn't directly involved with what you do.

    My mom and dad met at work. BUT. they weren't in the same department or even the same building. Plus, they kept it low key, meaning that they weren't always visiting each other every minute or talking; a lot of people didn't even know they were dating, because they weren't hanging all over each other.

    Good luck

  • How about at a park. Try walking a dog and let the dog go up to the guy you like. Then start a conversation. I live in America but my sister says girls only are looking to get hooked up when they are a t a bar. So to let a guy know you are interested try starting conversations with guys at places other then bars.

  • i recommend online with proper screening or a sporting event

  • trust me no one can tell you where you can meet a decent guys , because its a matter of time

    I've bein looking all over the dating sites and everywhere but couldn't find a decent girl

    so just keep trying and good luck


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  • Church.workplace.universities.the place is not so much a big factor as time is. The best way to meet a great guy is to get to know them and take it slow. The truth always comes out eventually. So please don't rush into things.

    • Been waiting a year since my last boyfriend....thats plenty of time!! lol

      I do, I am in no hurry to rush into a relationship but would like to meet someone to date and have some fun with, I have great friends & social life but somethings are only done with SO or better done with SO.

    • That's true. It happens when you aren't looking. It's hard but be patient. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince.

  • You may meet decent guys at your school, workplace, or even at your church or religious place

  • This is usually down to complete luck and unplanned. I was lucky and met my boyfriend through somemutual friends, this was great because they knew he was a decent guy. Meetings with strangers in pubs, clubs, internet is chancey and possibly risky.

    You could try an evening class, obviously it needs to be something you are interested in and that will also have male students-maybe something artistic, photography or dancing maybe? It sounds funny but a friend of mine did a course in motor vehicle maintenance! She had loads of hunky guys all helping her all the time, and really enjoyed it. The added bonus is that she can now fix her own car!