Best places to meet decent guys?

So there must be preferable places to meet decent guys to date, curious as to what peoples thoughts are? (am in UK btw)

I am not religious so do not go to church. However I do work in a large company so that's possible. Just a case of waiting and seeing, you never know where or when your gonna meet someone I guess is what am hearing.


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  • Meeting a guy isn't something that's going to happen if you try to plan for it. The best thing you can do is just make sure you're out and about and making it obvious that you're available without looking like you're desperate. Go to places where guys hang out when they just wanna be with the guys or be alone, not places where they would go to meet girls. Take up a hobby that's not something typical of a girl and join a group of people who do that hobby. An example would be motorcycling (and I only use this example because I ride). Did you know that the ratio of guys who ride motorcycles to girls who ride motorcycles is like 30 to 1? But every one of those 30 guys would be on their knees begging for a girl who rides too. Try buying a motorcycle and learning to ride, joining an owner's club for your make and model of motorcycle and go on the planned events they organize. It's a great way to meet people and just great fun whether you meet someone or not. Most hobbies you can do something similar with.

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      On the owner's group I'm registered with, they actually had to make a policy to keep all the single male members from swarming the occasional female member that joined like a pack of hungry wild dogs. Yes, it was so common they actually had to make a rule preventing it. That should give you an idea of how easy it would be for you.

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      Good advice. blokes love "helping", so if you take up a hobby they can help you with, so much the better