It seems that my crush doesn't like me back - what should I do?

i know this guy since I was 14 years old, he studied for 2 years at my class, he was always a nice guy so sincere.. and now after I've finished high school we started to talk on MSN and he started to flirt sometimes and I thought that he has a crush on me, then I started to like him more and more,... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm really sorry. I know you like him alot. I think right now he just doesn't see a relationship with you, but that doesn't mean he won't. At least he didn't lead you on like some guys would, he honestly didn't want to hurt you. That means something. Plus, there are like more than a million guys in the world to choose from, and there will be guys who want to be with you. I think you should do this, still remain close friends with the guy though. This might be a possibility, maybe he likes you, but isn't really sure of what he really wants. I think it would be good to give this guy space and time to collect himself. You need time and space too. To enjoy life, and in a way show him what he's missing. Also do you know who said and told him that you like him? Or was it his own way of telling you that he knew you did? I think he might be scared, and doesn't know what he wants as well, since you might be the first to actually like him. You're not at fault for liking him, though. So this is what I want you to do. I think you should let him know you're dissappointed cause you did really like him, but you respect his decision. Then just let him be. I think you'll gain some respect, if you act mature like this, but do show how you feel, let him know. He'll respect you for your honesty and maturity. Then just let him be. Let time play it's course. Don't fret and worry about it so much. In fact don't think about it hardly at all, get yourself involved with things, activities hang out ith your friends, anything you enjoy or love doing, etc. I know it's going to hurt, for awhile but no matter what happens you got to stand strong. Show him your confidence, show him you're ready to take on the world. Be true to yourself, but show him that you're not something that can be easily won, and you know we all end up liking something we know we can't have. So just let things pan out. Accept things the way they are now, but know this there's a chance things won't stay like this forever. And who knows? You might end up meeting a really awesome guy that you have no doubts about, who's even better than this guy. So you need to 1. Accept it 2. Let him know how you feel, and say you respect his decision, etc. 3. Plan out your life, have a good time, make a list of things you can do 4. Try to think about this guy in terms of friendship 5. Go out and enjoy your life! Wish you the best of luck!