Girls, Do you get so nervous around the guy you like that you...

Does the thought of being in the same room and talking to your crush or the guy you like make you act completely hysterical? Do you do things you don't mean to do?.say things you don't mean to say? Have you ever pretended to like some other guy just so the guy you really like doesn't find out you... Show More

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  • I have a tragic tale.

    I had a 10-month crush on a guy.who had no idea who I was. not kidding, NO idea!

    I pined over this guy. I fantasized about him almost everyday. He wasn't what my friends called "attractive" but I thought he was just the sexiest thing alive.

    Anyway, he was graduating this year. and I WANTED to do something. We went to a very large school (>30,000 people) and I didn't see him around too much. I just needed an opportunity when he wasn't surrounded by his friends and when he wasn't preoccupied, so that I could strike up conversation.

    The opportunity magically happened for me. I was in the food court and I go to sit down at a table to study and eat. Guess who is sitting at the table next to mine all by himself? MYSTERY HOT GUY!

    I was in awe. I knew I had to do something because this would probably be my only chance to talk to him before he would graduate. But I sat there. My heart was RACING. My eyes were wider than they've ever been.

    but I completely froze. I couldn't think of ANYTHING to say. my mind was yelling at me to DO SOMETHING OR I'D REGRET IT FOREVER. but I couldnt. I was incapacitated.

    I sat at that table across from his for a full 30 minutes. and he got up and left. I never saw him again. and I'm still kicking myself today.

    lesson: sometimes our body does things to us that we can't control. TRY to be understanding. she can get acclimated to you with time. but nerves are a funny thing.

    • Been there. done that too.

    • Yuppers, me too. Guys don't think you exist sometimes...