Why does the girl I like ignore me?

There is this girl I like since last year but I still haven't got the guts ask her out because I'm just scared of rejection. Last year(junior year) she was in a couple of my classes and she used to talk to me often and I knew that every time I looked away she used to get a glimpse of me. But this year(senior year) she is again in a couple of my classes and since the year started we barely talk to each other, when I talk to her friends and she is right there it's as if she doesn't know I'm there or something and when we are walking in the hall I know she can see me but she acts like she doesn't. I REALLY want to ask her out this year but I'm still afraid she'll say no.. The only time we ever talk is when I talk to her first about homework or school related stuff?... SO I need to know why is she ignoring me, does it mean she doesn't like me?

ALL this is driving me CRAZY!

I overheard her saying to her friend that she has a crush on someother guy, but I'm not sure It was true or not. the guy she like(I think) already has a Girlfriend. The girl I like and him talk a lot and now I find it harder to talk to her..


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  • My side of the story: I'm a girl and my crush is this guy I like since the beginning of the year. I have a REALLY REALLY STRONG crush on him, and my mind is always on him! I'm really shy around him, and I can never look directly in front of his face because it makes my heart melt to see him. so I always have a few conversations with him as a friend and act uninterested in him...well, maybe too uninterested. I don't know if he has a crush on me back or not, but if he does, he probably feels the same way you feel! so...if you were my crush, I would be super happy/glad that you would ask me out because I have no idea on how to act in front of my crush, and if he breaks the ice, I WOULD BE RELIEVED.

    think of your girl crush as me, and think about the way I feel.

    she probably feels the same way as me.

    and MY crush would probably feel the same way as you, IF he has a crush on me.

    ask her out, there's nothing wrong with asking!

    even f you get rejected, it would be worth a shot than never finding out.

    hope I helped you! and you helped me too :)

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      But this girl I like ignores me and I'm always the one to start a conversation. And every time I try to talk to her, her friends are always there so I don't know what to do there..?

      And you said you act uninterested in him, so how do you let him know that you like him or something?

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      Yes, tell your close friend who is a friend of yours about your feelings. That way, he/she can help you out; like how my friend is still helping me :)

      And of course, talk to her more often! A casual smile/hi in the hallways when you see her would be nice.

      Dont be shy! Get to know her more! :)

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      *sorry I meant to say "tell your close friend who is a friend of HER about your feelings"!