I like the same girl as my best friend what should I do?

I like this girl in my class but my best friend likes her too. I don't want to lose my best friend because of this. What should I do?


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  • i suggest you just talk to her normally and see how she responds...dont ask her out go by what she does...if she is being super flirty towardes you and not showing that much interest in your friend then I think your friend will realize this himself and loose interest in her and then you can ask her out and I don't think your friend would be mad because it was the girl's decision who she wanted to date...so just try and become friends with her

    -help me please?


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  • since you're under 18, chances that you will marry this girl are low

    gf's come and go, it's the friends that lost forever, through marriages/divorces even etc

    just make sure you check with each other to see what you agree is okay...

    as long as neither prevents the other from having something with the girl

    who do you think the girl likes? it's all in the eyes!

    • Sorry the firends that LAST forever lol

  • Straight out tell him that its a level playing field, no dirty tricks to get this girl; so that you both don't ruin your friendship over it.

  • You don't have to necessarily loose him. You can still like her and be his friend, just don't talk about how much you like her in front of him and don't flirt with her in front of him neither. My best friend and I both like the same guy, just that she doesn't know I like him too. You could do that, not let him know you like her too.

    Good luck ;)

    pd: if it gets too problematic, remember friendship is much more important than a crush.

  • you have known your friend a lot longer than the girl. don't risk losing that relationship for someone you barly know

    • I have known her all my life. And we are friends aready.

    • Then don't flirt or start anything with her, but if she asks you out, then maybe

    • She is more on the shy side so I doubt that see will make a move. But I will see what happens.

  • you have nothing solid with this girl. don't risk losing your best friend because of her


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  • you should ask her if she wants to do something she says yes let him deal with that

    • Is it possible for 2 guys to be really still good friends after liking the same girl?