If she likes me, why is she teasing me?

So I've been talking to this girl I like at work (She recently got dumped for another girl). We both recently found out that we like each other. The... Show More

She just sounds sarcastic with me like when she pushes me away from something she says in a sarcastic way "Do you think I care?" sporting a grin.

Most Helpful Girl

  • she's either playing hard to get or really confusing. haha. I think it has some part to do with the ex. maybe she's not quite ready to jump into another relationship. she's maybe busting your balls because she wants you to notice how she feels, sad, mad, or happy. just let her know your there for her and that you do like her. after all we are females, we play hard to get.

    • Could it be this girl just wants to have fun with me?