Should I send my crush flowers?

I have been considering sending this girl some flowers. I just recently got to know her and at this point we are just friends. She is a very nice girl and I want her to be happy. I am not sure if she is interested in dating but I just want to do something to show I care for her. Flowers were one option. Nothing really romantic or anything but just a nice bouquet. I want to see if she would be interested.Should I send her flowers? Should I include a note or leave it completely anonymous? Let me know if you think that this would be weird or harmful to our friendship.

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  • You sound like a really sweet, genuine guy. send her the flowers, she'll love it :) I'd say include a little note

  • This is so sweet(: It might be a little weird if you guys are just friends... what about instead of a whole bouquet you find out what her favorite type of flower is, and you give her one or two?

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