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Should I send my crush flowers?

I have been considering sending this girl some flowers. I just recently got to know her and at this point we are just friends. She is a very nice... Show More

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  • You sound like a really sweet, genuine guy. send her the flowers, she'll love it :) I'd say include a little note

  • This is so sweet(:

    It might be a little weird if you guys are just friends... what about instead of a whole bouquet you find out what her favorite type of flower is, and you give her one or two?

What Guys Said 1

  • This is the plaguing question all us guys worry about. I have done both it depends on the woman, this is what I figure be a class act and do it as an unselfish act and not expecting any gain. If she is the woman you think she is she will respond favorably if not she will be uncomfortable, any way you cut through the chase and no where you stand, kind of should I stay or go... you may score big or not, if not you may loose some pride but just know you did it because you wanted to. Not too many have the balls to do this.

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