Why do girls chase when guys ignore them?

Why do girls chase when guys ignore them? I have found this experience kind of true. My first time was with a girl I have ignored and have no interest in. My friend married a girl that he had no interest in at first, but it eventually happened. The girl that I have chased for a bit and I stopped, chased me for a time or two (I screwed up and started chasing her again and I need to stop, cause she is pulling away.) What is with that?


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  • Why do guys chase when girls ignore them?

    (It's the same answer for both genders.)

    People are instinctively drawn to a challenge. "You're ignoring me? Why? I'm a good person..."

    I mean, I once tried to ignore a guy because I was SO mad at him, and he found five different reasons to come up to me to say "Hi" until I finally answered him. Silly? Yes, of course it is. Human beings are not as logical as we would like to believe we are, lol.

    In your case, if she keeps pulling away whenever you get too close and you two are playing this game, neither one of you is actually serious about having a long-term relationship and it's best to cut ties now before one or both of you gets hurt.


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  • because they're either masochistic or they want to prove to themselves that they can woo any guy, even the one that resists them the most.


    i have a friend who's chasing this one guy for over 3 years now...she's beginning to be a real stalker. She freaks me out when she's talking about him...

  • simply because when something is forbidden or impossible to achieve, it becomes attractive. If you're parents won't let you drink alcohol, would you really don't drink? To be honest, guys are really really really wanted when they play it cool or hard to get. because for girls, it becomes a challenge, she laughs harder and flirts with more guys when you're in the same room, simply because she wants to make YOU jealous. ;)

  • the same wy that guys chase when girls ignore

  • there in love

  • Because sometimes women fall really hard, & don't want to believe a guy doesn't like them back.

  • its playing games and someone always gets hurts, or even both get hurt. its dumb and not fulfilling as true mature love would be.

  • I used to do that - I chased a guy relentlessly that I eventually caught, married and then didn't like anymore. Its the thrill of the chase, I think. Its wanting what you don't think you can have, and you actually can make yourself believe this person is what you want just for that reason alone, when in actuality its all bull****.

    But now when a guy pulls away I run. Fast. I get mad at them for doing that to me because I know its playing with feelings, I know its not real.

    • This is the worst part of playing games. When we want to play them, we think it's great fun and don't care who we hurt. When we grow up and mature, we get angry at everyone else who hasn't yet. It's like we want everyone to be on the exact same path as us and act exactly like we do.

  • this is exactly why people play hard to get. because they think that if they hold back, then the other person is going to chase them

    • ANd I don't think that many girls do it. Maybe I'm just not hot enough.

    • sorry to hear that. lol. I think some girls are like this.

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  • They are insecure and need to get the guy who they think doesn't like them, and get him to like them, so they can feel better. It's like a mission: once they accomplish it, there's no need to continue.

  • The opposition doesn't matter. People want what they can't have.

  • Yeah i have this same experience too, but i'm not playing games, i ignore her because to me it's over. But she started to turn back to me when i think it's over, laughable right?