Why don't you girls ever text us boys first?

I find that I have to always text first to start a conversation . Oh and I've been texting this girl for the past three weeks and I have texted her first for all this time.. But one evening, when I was asleep, she texted me first saying " hey (name)" . What does it mean when girls text first? Cause I was surprised the next day when I found out.

Oh and we flirt a lot.


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  • If a guy and I have been talking for a while, I'll text him first. Or if we're just friends I'll text him whenever. Girls are always hesitant to text first because they don't wanna come off as needy/desperate. It might sound weird but that's how it is. When a guy initiates things like that, it shows that he's interested.

    If she texted you first, you clearly were on her mind and she wanted to talk to you. If you haven't texted her for a few days, she probably wanted to text you since you went kinda MIA without a reason (your reason being you wanted to see what she would do).

    With what you said to PhatPat, I wouldn't stop txtn her first just to test out and see what she does. There's really no need for a game like that. She might get the wrong idea and think that you're no longer interested. If you wanna text her, then do it. Don't wait it out and see what happens, if anything that's setting you back rather then moving you forward with her.

    If I was interested in a guy and he just didn't text me for like 6 days, I'd think something was up and start to get over him, but that's just me and every girl is different.

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      I totally agree with you! I hate the game playing :) if you like her text her, if you dont, then dont