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How do you keep him from getting bored?

How do you keep your boyfriend from getting bored in a relationship? Is spending time away good? Not answer all phone calls? I just wonder what is it... Show More

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  • This sounds like a loaded question. Spending time away is good if you're getting sick of each other. But if you're getting sick of each other your relationship may not last anyway. To me spending time away means doing things for yourself like visiting family or friends, sports or because work requires it. But if you're strictly doing it to be away from him then there is a problem with your relationship.

    You should absolutely answer his calls.

    You have to know there may be nothing you can do to keep him interested if his eyes are lurking. But for someone who wants to maintain a relationship you have to try and keep things spiced up like Borat mentioned earlier. Whatever you did at the beginning if possible. Guys are simple, at least once we gain some sort of maturity. If you have a physical relationship then keep it frequent, and keep it exciting. Continue to date as if you just met(much easier said than done). Go to the movies, dinner, amusement parks, or whatever it is you all like to do to get out. Make him feel special. Compliment him, pamper him, and most importantly let him be a Man by doing the same for you. Also let him have his time with the fellas and don't nag him.

    • Thank you so much, I like that advice! we don't like to spend time away from each other, honestly we have a lot of fun together. He is like my best friend who I really like. We do a lot for each other, I just want to keep it going good, don't want it to end up like all the past relationship I have had where out of no where he stops calling or stops caring. We go out as much as we can, but money is tight. thanks again

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  • if you've been together for a while & feeling like you're in some sort of a rut, then taking up a new activity together (that you *both* enjoy) can be a good way to spend time together with something new & exciting. so long as you're both equally interested then it can add a new dimension to the relationship & keep things fresh.

    good luck

  • 1st of all, spending time away when you HAVE time to spend with him is NOT good

    And purposely not answering calls is so slack especially when you can answer them lol

    For a guy to be interested all a girlfriend needs to do is love, respect and treat him good (ie give him the attention he deserves, same thing as when girls say "he treats me good")

    The rest is upto him, If he is a decent guy and finds that the girlfriend is everything he wants then that's all he needs to be interested forever. If she isn't then unfortunatly she can't keep him forcefully interested.

    • Oh I'm sorry I was refering to a long term relationship. Is that what you asked ???

    • Ya that's what I asked, thanks that's all I needed to know, some people make relationship sound like a game, do I call do I not call and it shouldnt be that hard to keep him around if he really likes me right?

    • Yeah ofcourse : )

  • how did you get him in the first place .once you answer that . ask youur self are you willing to go there again

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  • it doesn't matter if he interested he would stay with you through thick and thin if he loved you

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