Why do girls LIE and say they want a nice guy but then go with bad boy?

My question is not why girl prefer bad boy then nice guy.

but why they LIE about it... Why do they say they want nice guy?

i just feel like they have no self-respect, or no senses of honor

- You wanna go with the bad guy...that's alright..but why do you lie that you want a nice guy?

why don't you say the truth?

The reason I ask this question is because when I was a bad guy (didn't care about them, cheating, dumping etc..) they where all after me... Now that I want to be a good person for now a year that respect her, love her, take care of her and all the details...nothing happen and end up in the best friend zone like I never was before...

and more I desperately want to respect woman the more I look at life, my surrounding (sister, mother, friends, girlfriend) I am FORCED to realize the truth... Women are lead by only two thing : sexual attraction, emotional drama (with a small reconciliation that then become sexual and they don't even know it them self...so then I'm force to think : they are stupid if they lie that they want a nice guy... but then go with the bad guy that cheat on her. and don't even know herself...or just don't have any senses of respect for other person to lie in there face that way...

And there is a TON'S of nice guys! you are just not into them.


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  • Some of us actually DO want the nice guy after realizing that the bad ones just aren't worth it.

    Sadly a lot of women don't know themselves, what they want or what they truly deserve.

    They lack self respect and allow themselves to fall into the trap of settling for less.

    Women are flawed, emotional creatures who, for the most part, barely understand themselves. Real women can appreciate a good guy, little girls take them for granted. And I'm talking about maturity levels not age.

    Nice guys don't get enough credit while bad guys run around doing whatever they want. Also nice guys are getting a bad rap because they bad boys figured out that pretending to be prince charming helps them take advantage of the "nice girls" who think they're avoiding the bad boy bullsh*t.

    Our society in many ways, puts down the nice guys as weak, sensitive, less than kind of guys which is far from reality in most cases. Nonetheless most nice guys get relagated to the friend zone while girls endlessly get their hearts broken by the bad boys.

    Nice guys can also accept some of the blame because most of them take it while lying down. I've known plenty of nice guys who never told me they had feelings for me until after I was engaged. Now that I left that asshole I've learned to keep mai eyes open for those good guys who aren't as bold for whatever reason. But a lot of girls slap these men into the friend zone because, like I did once upon a time, they overlook the signs that he could be more. Nice guys need to speak up.

    But this is just mai opinion...

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      P.s. Most females don't think they're lying when they say they want a nice guy. But a lot of them have ridiculous standards and would rather be with a jerk than be single for a while and wait for a nice guy. And some just have reeeeaally bad judgement.

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      Nice answer Thank you