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Can I ask why suddenly when the guy started to become close and suddenly ignores you the next day?

there is this guy that I become close with and we become close and all of the sudden he ignored me the next day, didn't reply my sms, never say hi to... Show More

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  • i think its a combination of him being shy, trying to figure out what to do or say next to you, and trying to see if you are really are that interested in him. because it seems that he is into you it helps boost the ego a bit when a guy ignores a girl a couple times =/ so I would say bug call him a couple times and just talkif he seem to ignore you still or not be interrested.i'd say move along... don't waste time

    • if he seems interested or we become friends again?

    • then you guys should work out and give hints like "oh we should do something together sometime."and he'll say something like "yeah like what?"and just keep trying

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