How do I ask a girl out in a letter. And creative ideas?

I can't ever talk but I can send her a letter. I want to take her out to dinner. I really don't know what she want to do. How do I ask her in a letter so I won't get a no if she is interested. Any good examples?


Most Helpful Guy

  • There are no good examples because it is a horrible idea! The only way it would be acceptable is if she were some princess locked away in a high tower, and you were a lowly stable boy who smelt of horse manure, and she would constantly look out her window and gaze longingly at you, while and you would return her smiles, when you weren't busy shoveling sh*t or birthing foals or whatever the hell else stable boys do.

    That is pretty much the only situation where a letter would be appropriate, and I highly doubt that is the case. Basically in person is the best choice, over the phone also works but isn't the best method, anything else, is a no-no.