If a guy isn't that romantic and kind of rough around the edges is that a turn off?

Even if he is a nice guy would you still be turned off?

thanks for your answers hopefully there is someone out there who can put up with me lol


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  • I would agree that it depends on the girl you're dating, but I will say that a guy who's rough around the edges but is still a nice guy is actually a turn on. It's that bad boy with a heart of gold myth, but not so much bad boy that you have us in tears every ten seconds for yet another act of douchebaggery. As long as you've let her know how you feel about her, and that she shouldn't expect you to show up at her door with flowers or love notes every time you see her, I wouldn't worry about too much about it.


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  • Its not a turn off. Every girl likes something different. A romantic guy to some girls isn't the type of guy they want sometimes.

  • i love guys who are a little more rough around the edges. guys that are romantic and girly really turn me off. the guy is supposed to be the tough and manly one in a relationship so being a little rougher is good for me. but that's just my type I guess, its different for everybody.

  • I think it's hot :D x

  • the hottest guys are always improving themselves all around, gaining new thinking, hobbies, skills, etc. women see this man moving and its a great life attitude. plus, the folks that continually reinvent themselves and fix up over the years are attractive to be around! Good luck!

    • so does that make women feel good that they can tame a guy like that? lol

  • be corky sometimes just for her. its OK. but tough guys are hot! blah on feminine like guys. I personally want a man: nice, considerate, knows when his roughness is testing my patience and has control and appology skill. that's turn on. just curb your cursing and harshness and apologize when you're around women, and round any woman that especially does not use dirty lang and freak-out explamations.

    • i curse like a sailor, I'm working on it lol

  • if a guy is jobless is a turn off? if a guy isn't funny a turn off? if a guy isn't tall a turn off? see that pattern of qs..got it now? definitely not a turn off because it depends who's your girl..does she accept this trait or not?. different girls accept different things or else all girls will marry the same guy :)


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