I met a girl on a cruise, and ended up in a one night stand..now she randomly stopped talking to me? why?

I met a girl on a cruise ship on the last day of the cruise. We hit it off, spent the day together, and that night she came to my cabin...I'll leave... Show More

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  • I never believe that people are "too busy" to return a text or make a phone call. She may have met someone or she may even have a boyfriend. A lot of my girlfriends have hooked up with guys on vacation and then come back to resume their normal life with their boyfriend. Or she just may be that way, selfish and out of sight and out of mind.

    • Yeah...Perhaps, but I'm pretty good at telling when someone is lying, and when they're not, and I am pretty sure she was telling the honest truth when she said she was no longer in a relationship, and explained why, and why she did not want to be in one for the near future. But true, she could have met someone when she got home... Life moves on, I guess. It sucks though, cus we really clicked, and everything felt so right. =\