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Feelings for my good guy friend?

I have this guy friend, who I have known for about a year and a half. We became friends instantly, all my friends told me we should date. I ignored... Show More

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  • this is really hard girl... I have talked to a lot of girls who somehow managed to get stuck in this awful situation. tell him how you feel. but only if you're absolutely unafraid of rejection. I really hate to generalize, but when a guy who's been a good friend of yours for a while and does not exhibit any romantic feelings, he either doesn't have that kind of feelings, or he's holding them back for a very strong reason.

    in any case, you need to talk to him because you'll wreck yourself with doubt if you don't. look at it this way - how he feels about you is not likely to change no matter what you tell him, even if he's close to one side of the boundary between friend and romantic partner. but if you tell him how you feel (do it as calmly as you can), he will appreciate the honesty and if he's a decent guy at all, he will tell you how he feels as well even if he's not romantically interested.

    caveat: there are rare cases where the guy just gets scared and flat-out ignores you (i.e. breaks off the friendship). this depends on the guy's personality - usually the guys that do this are the soft, quiet ones who can't share their feelings and don't like to know others' feelings. ultimately, you gotta make the decision yourself about whether your wanting to know is more important than your fear of rejection.

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  • Tell him that you like him. There's sexual tention between you two.

    Or you could pull the typical girl move and try and jump his bones when you have had a few drinks and if it gets weird blame it on the ao-a-a-alcohol.

  • Tell him, if he says no then you didn't waste anymore of your time. If he says yes then yay for you :D!

  • Tell him your starting to like him, if his body language and eyes show interest in you then just do it, take a leap of faith, if you don't you will always wonder "what if?"

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