Why is she ignoring my text messages, or me altogether does she not like me now?

I have known this girl for almost 3 years or so, I always liked her and I think she did as well before I mess up with her. One day in a bar that we were dancing, everything was going well I hugged her, she didn't seem to mind and we were talking and what not. But then I messed up by telling her right away without dating that I really liked her and I wanted to be her boyfriend, she changed from that moment on and when I invited her she said she was going out with somebody else. I was okay with that. she started a relationship with the guy that she went out with.

Anyhow a long time passed by and we stopped taking to each other, we would just say the casual hi how are you but nothing else. Eventually she broke up with him and now she has been single for 6 months or so, she had dated other guys but it seems she doesn't click with any of them.

A couple of months ago, I have tried to talk to her , flirt with her and stuff like that, she has for the most part answer positively from them, although sometimes when we were chatting she would talk a little and then say she had to leave. I haven't try to make dates though, I have just acted friendly and a bit flirty. Now days however I write to her and she doesn't even write back or anything, I just don't know what I did wrong.

Why is she ignoring me now?

Funny thing is like I just texted a message to her and now we are talking again haha.


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  • You didn't do anything wrong nor did you mess up by telling her you liked her. You did the right thing. She just isn't into you. Its not meant to be. You'll find a girl who is worth your time but she isn't the one.