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Why is she ignoring my text messages, or me altogether does she not like me now?

I have known this girl for almost 3 years or so, I always liked her and I think she did as well before I mess up with her. One day in a bar that we... Show More

Funny thing is like I just texted a message to her and now we are talking again haha.

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  • You didn't do anything wrong nor did you mess up by telling her you liked her. You did the right thing. She just isn't into you. Its not meant to be. You'll find a girl who is worth your time but she isn't the one.

What Girls Said 2

  • She doesn't seem interested in you as a boyfriend. She wants you more like a friend. This relationship is gonna be awkward. Your too attach. Maybe her not contacting you is good. It gives you time to dis attach and find someone new.

What Guys Said 1

  • First of all, if you like someone you should never wait 3 years to act on it. If she liked you she probably lost interest or got tired of waiting in those 3 years.

    Second, you put her in a very uncomfortable situation by saying you want to be her boyfriend without even going on a single date. She's always going to feel weird around you and it's probably just easier for her to ignore you then respond.

    Time to move on from this one.

    • I was a rookie though don't be so hard dude.

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