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Why does he constantly tease me and pick on me? He likes me or he views me only as a good friend?

A guy friend of mine often calls me 'ugly', 'fat', 'idiot','stupid' in a joking way but I'm really skinny and not bad-looking...He always mocks me.... Show More

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  • hey..he just enjoys it to mock u. I do to it with my friends and I think it makes your relationship good and funny. But still everything should be in a limit otherwise oneday you are gonna burst at him. Well I can just ask you to be calm because if someday u'd lose that guy friend then you are gonna miss his all naughtyness. Yeah..he probably likes you (cant say how much). Actually someone can only mock you if you let them. Don't show them if it affects you at all. then he won't do that. Everybody want results..here it's your reactions.

    Well...enjoy your time and take care...have fun

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  • He's one of the guys who are sh*tty with women and think being an asshole is what they should do. He probably read The Game and thinks he now needs to constantly abuse you... Seems like it's working but lol it's hardly neccessary...

    He either thinks your a loser or thinks that he has to be an asshole to make you want him.

  • if he keeps calling you "fat idiot stupid" in a joking way, he likes you.

    i do it to people all the time...its usually because I like them lol

    its a way of flirting. it makes things interesting. because girls hear compliments all the time and they get bored of that. its funny if there's a change and they hear they are fat when they are OBVIIOUSLY not fat lol

  • Probably, it seems that way. Just ask him. :-]

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