Do you like cuddling??

GUYS this is for you.Do you really like cuddling or will you only do it because your girlfriend or wife likes it? If you do how do you feel most comfortable cuddling and is there anything else you like to do while cuddling with her? If you don tell me why please.


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  • cuddling is like the foundation of a relationship for me!

    i want to be with her always, and I want everyone to know that I love her, if I'm lucky enough to have a girlfriend then she becomes my priority- I don't care about my image, I'll hug her, kiss her cuddle with her even infront of my friends. I like to think it makes her feel special and wanted

    when I cuddle with a girl all that runs through my mind is how perfect she is and that I never wanna let go

    i may be abit of the soft type but I'd willingly cuddle with a girl over having sex with her! I love having a girl fall asleep in my arms its the best feeling in the world that she trusts you to protect her and that she feels so comfortable withyou enough to fall asleep

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      I'm the same way bro... I love cuddling so much more than sex... I hope that doesn't make me weird... lol

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      Completely agree! Cuddling is SO much better than the idea of anything else. Mind you, my values and beliefs reserve sex for marriage, I still love to cuddle with my girlfriend; There's something about holding her and spending time with her that just means so much. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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      Agreed cuddling is very nice. I like the feeling when your warming each other up and you just lay there with no one else around you