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Do you like cuddling??

GUYS this is for you.Do you really like cuddling or will you only do it because your girlfriend or wife likes it? If you do how do you feel most... Show More

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  • cuddling is like the foundation of a relationship for me!i want to be with her always, and I want everyone to know that I love her, if I'm lucky enough to have a girlfriend then she becomes my priority- I don't care about my image, I'll hug her, kiss her cuddle with her even infront of my friends. I like to think it makes her feel special and wantedwhen I cuddle with a girl all that runs through my mind is how perfect she is and that I never wanna let goi may be abit of the soft type but I'd willingly cuddle with a girl over having sex with her! I love having a girl fall asleep in my arms its the best feeling in the world that she trusts you to protect her and that she feels so comfortable withyou enough to fall asleep

    • I'm the same way bro... I love cuddling so much more than sex... I hope that doesn't make me weird... lol

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    • Completely agree! Cuddling is SO much better than the idea of anything else. Mind you, my values and beliefs reserve sex for marriage, I still love to cuddle with my girlfriend; There's something about holding her and spending time with her that just means so much. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

    • Agreed cuddling is very nice. I like the feeling when your warming each other up and you just lay there with no one else around you

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  • I only cuddle with girls I really like, so that normally tends to be girlfriends and such; if I don't like you and I'm only there for the sex, hell no, I won't cuddle; unless of course, you're extremely gorgeous and I'm just there thinking, 'damn, can't believe I just got laid by this girl.' And that has happened. :)

    • ^^^ what a jerk^^^

    • I likes you answer. It seemed real and I don't think your a jerk just honest. thanks. :)

  • me = hopeless romantic, so yes; especially when it's cold & raining outside and there's a nice fire going.what else to do? sleep/doze or maybe read a book or watch a movie on tv. favourite position is lying down on the couch, either face to face with the girl on top or side to side.this is a very intimate thing - not for casual acquaintances :P

  • I like to cuddle when I'm really into the girl I'm with. Whether just in bed, reading together, watching a movie, or at the beach. I enjoy it because it makes me feel like she cares about me. If there is doubt that she's into me, or that maybe she just likes being cuddled no matter who it is she's with, or that I want to break away from our relationship. I will definitely not want to cuddle. Also, if I was in the relationship for a long time, and I was very comfortable in it, I would probably not feel the urge to cuddle as often because of possible inconvenience (I want to watch tv alone, want to read alone, want to do whatever alone, etc).

  • I absolutely love to cuddle with my girlfriend! My favorite position is when I lie on my back and she is on top of me facing down, I feel the most secure and we can kiss easily.

  • I like cuddling with my gf after intercourse or watching movies, when I'm sleeping he can have her arm around me but I can't fall asleep when were all over each other, when she's sick or in a down mood then I LOVE it cause to me it shows that I care for her and I feel good about myself

  • I don't really like cuddling. Especially that spooning stuff. It makes me fel suffocated and it feels really needy to me. Like I'm trying to keep this girl from getting out of bed or something. But for some reason I really like when I'm on my back and a girl is laying on top of me sleeping. You would think that would feel more suffocating, but I like it. Sometimes. I've noticed that mostly the younger women like to cuddle. In college, girls would do it with anyone and everyone. Movie night in the dorm meant cuddle night. It was so gay. You'd get all these guys in the friend zone lying and spooning with their "girl" friends watching movies. You know there was some serious blue balls going on those nights.The older women I date though really don't make a big deal of it. Especially in bed. We just want to get our sleep on.So I guess to answer your question, no I don't like to cuddle. It's feels childish to me.

    • Haha. I actually agree with you. I sometimes just want space after making out or spending time together. Sometimes this makes me feel like a bitch cause my boyfriend sometimes wants to touch me and put his arms on/around me. ugh... I feel like I'm sufficating.

  • Hell yea, find an excuse to do it while my girlfriend's doing her homework/on-the-phone =pIt's funny cause her parents are in the room next door and she just randomly starts swatting the computer keys with her hand to make it sound like she's doing homework.

  • as a romantic, yes

  • I have never really thought about it until I read pwl0lwp's post but hopeless romantic is a good description for me...I like being on a couch sitting in the corner and my girlfriend laying on my lap/chest/shouler with my arm around her. she likes playing with my hands and rubbing my arm. I like holding her tight but was afriad to hurt her until she mentioned that she liked it...

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  • I have just split up with a wonderful guy whom I love, but because he feels that cuddling, kissing and laying my legs on him while we watch tv on the sofa (a rare occurance, cos we usually sit in separate chairs) I have left him because he feels that's all soppy nonsence. He's a believer in 'treat em mean, keep em keen. ' We have been together thru thick and thin for nearly 2 years and I can't do it anymore. I need affection, reassurance and demonstrations of love. Having 'sex' every 6 weeks doesn't work at all. Don't know why he feels we had any kind of relationship; we were just friends, and definately not lovers. I actually feel as tho I'm starving to death. When we talked about it he was fine for 24 hrs, but then I think he decided he'd given me enough of a top up to last me a while! I'm sorry but I need love and attention. I love him but he can't actually show me in the way that I need to be shown, that he loves me too. All very sad at my time of life. I'm 52.

    • I'm really sorry to hear that. I wish you the best of luck in your future search for a relationship.

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