Guys, why do you play 'hot and cold'?

Guys, why do you play 'hot and cold'?

(I realize not all guys do this, but the ones that do, why?)

Thank you. <3


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  • In short? If a guy does this it's because of his personal experiences with how girls have treated him before. Because too many girls play games with us at the same time. If we are all hot then you girls think we're clingy or too needy, and desparate. We're not, but that's how we get labeled. If we start showing interest and then disappear for a while, the theory is the girls watch their phones and wonder why he hasn't called, and then keep an interest. Like they think us ignoring them makes us mysterious or something. I don't subscribe to this but that seems to be the consensus view. In my opinion if a girl doesn't like me treating her good and giving her my attention then f*** her, I can always get another girl. They only make up like 50% of the earth's population.

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      Absolutely agree :)

      But then girls play games too because guys exact like a girl is desperate if she acts interested, it goes both whats. I don't ascribe to it, but I see it ALLLL the time- its pathetic imo. AI think its a good idea for adults to act like adults- unless shooting water guns, jumping in leaves,finger-painting blowing bubbles or jumping in a bouncy bounce. :)

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      OMG but don't you see how much it hurts that one day you're texting us like crazy and another day it's like we don't exist?! Sometimes it's a hard pill to swallow. Perhaps I'm too shy and bashful but it starts to make me wonder if he's really interested at all.

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      So when a guy is "cold" what should us girls do? Do we wait for him to contact us? Or after a few days of not talking do we contact him? I'm new at this