What do mixed signals mean?

After you break up, she will give you sorts of messages like let's be friends and then a second later she will say I miss the times when I was with you then she will say my heart is longing for you then she will say let's be friends. She will say I think I made a mistake then after she will say I just want to be friends and I love someone new.

Can anyone please help me and define why girls dump guys and then give guys confusing signals after the break-up?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Um, those are NOT mixed signals. She wants to be around you. That much is clear.

    There may be some doubt in her mind as to whether she wants to commit to you on a long-term basis, which is why she flipped back to "be friends and love someone new" -- you should talk to her about that. Just explain that her comments are confusing you. (If you're the gambling sort, you might even want to have the all-or-nothing discussion with her and start the whole boyfriend/girlfriend scene from scratch. That really depends on what you want from her, who broke things off, etc.)