Why does he hug me so tight?

so I was just wondering why my "boyfriend" hugs me so tight. so like I would wrap my ams around his neck and he would wrap his around my lower back and we would already be completely pressed up against each other. but then after the first 3 or 4 seconds he'll like lean backwards and try to pull me in more. so guys do you do this with your girlfriends? is it just a normal way a boyfriend hugs his gf? and they last so long, for like 10 seconds. and my boobs are pretty small, would that have something to do with it?


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  • "but then after the first 3 or 4 seconds he'll like lean backwards and try to pull me in more. so guys do you do this with your girlfriends?"

    stop you right there. now take a moment and re-read it.

    did you? once again

    ok, now you have read it twice do you understand what you just did and the see my pet peeve with girls's questions on this site?

    you assume, from the actions of one, that all guys do that.

    one guy is a really small sample size

    i'll admit, you girls take one experience and think it always happens alot. My mom won't eat milky ways because 20 years back she choked on one

    i can understand if things happened multiple times fro multiple sources, but no... that's normally not the case.

    do you understand what I'm saying here?

    • annnnnnnnnnnnnd I read that wrong, thought it was " so do you guys do this with your girlfriends"

      so forget the rant directed at you.

      but my rant on girls assuming based on a single experience that it'll always happen, stands

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  • he just loves you and wants to feel your boobs on his chest :)

  • I agree, clearly loves you and just wants to cherish the last few seconds each now. Now if he was a "pat pat bye" THEN you'd have something to worry about.

    But yeah, I know it, I do that sometimes lol. If she's small enough to pick up. ;)


What Girls Said 3

  • You're thinking wayy too much into it. It sounds like he just cares about you and wants to hold you tightly against him, no hidden meaning.

  • i wouldn't know but I think its so he could feel you beacause that's how guys are but if he really like you it could be beacausehe really like you and is trying to express his love to you be hugging you if I really liked a guy I would hug him really close I don't know why but it kinda realeases a pressure in my chest

  • He loves you very much and wants you too close. Probably, he also have the guys intentions of having your body covering him. Ya know, boobs!.:D..but really he loves you :) don't over-analyze