Is hearing a zooming sound in your head normal?

I was just wondering because it is keeping me up its nearly half two in the morning its like a car zooming in one ear and out the other so fast? any idea what this is?


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  • It might be tinnitus. It might also be a bruit in a blood vessel close to your inner ear...I've heard of that happening before in an article I read that caused the same result. A bruit (pronounced: "brew - wee") is turbulent blood flow that sounds like a wooshing or almost like a hurricane going on when listening with a stethoscope, and happens when there is narrowing of the artery. Obviously hearing a sound in your head is not normal, so you should go to a clinic or MD office ...if it is a bruit they should be able to hear it with the bell-end of their stethoscope.

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      thank you! is it serious?

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      i had that checked like a year ago and they said I was fine though mabey I'm just being silly

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      Do you have to hear it all the time because I hear something like that but only when I blink or swallow, sometimes. Would that be the same thing?