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Is hearing a zooming sound in your head normal?

I was just wondering because it is keeping me up its nearly half two in the morning its like a car zooming in one ear and out the other so fast? any... Show More

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  • It might be tinnitus. It might also be a bruit in a blood vessel close to your inner ear...I've heard of that happening before in an article I read that caused the same result. A bruit (pronounced: "brew - wee") is turbulent blood flow that sounds like a wooshing or almost like a hurricane going on when listening with a stethoscope, and happens when there is narrowing of the artery. Obviously hearing a sound in your head is not normal, so you should go to a clinic or MD office ...if it is a bruit they should be able to hear it with the bell-end of their stethoscope.

    • thank you! is it serious?

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    • i had that checked like a year ago and they said I was fine though mabey I'm just being silly

    • Do you have to hear it all the time because I hear something like that but only when I blink or swallow, sometimes. Would that be the same thing?

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  • aight just calm the f***ity f*** down dude its just tinnitus I have the same thing there medicine for it

  • happens all the time...WHEN IM DRUNK

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  • It may be an ear infection. That or it could be you have water in your ears, from taking a shower or swimming in a pool. Just go to the doctor and have them check out your ears. It may seem like it's in your head but I've had swimmers ear (as they call it) and it's a lot like how your describing. Best of luck to you! No matter what it is, get it checked out :)

  • do you hear it when there is little noise around? generally people with hearing problems will have a ringing in their ears that might block out other noises. My aunt is having hearing problems at the moment, the ringing thing, and she's going to have to get an operation because it's getting worse. you really should get it checked out because it might mean something is wrong with your hearing and the risk of waiting for it to get worse is not a smart decision.

  • It's possibly you have an ear infection. Go to an ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialist.

    • its in my head though its kinda freakin me out x

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    • ok thanks

    • Yes I agree go have your ears checked. If it bothers you very much best to go to any nearby hospital and explain to them what you are experiencing.

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